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Quickie Timelapse of Taquig Tumbling Clouds


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Designed for anyone wishing to, or dreaming of, relocating to anywhere in SE Asia.


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But the landing is wondrous.

Caution: Little bit of swearing. Ok, ok, a lot. Hahaha.


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BGC (Manila) Walk-Through Tour, Volume #1


BGC (Manila) Walk-Through Tour, Volume #2


BGC (Manila) Walk-Through Tour, Volume #3


Mostly negative review of Manila, Philippines


1080 Version: Night view of gridlock in BGC


4K Version: Night view of gridlock in BGC


4K, Community garden in the heart of
the steel and concrete forest of inner BGC


4K, Cross the Street in Manila? Yeah, Right


GURLS of SE Asia. They'll drive you to ______


Bloodthirsty Street Cats of BGC, Manila


Peaceful, tranquil scenes of BGC, Manila (with cats!)


The Monsoon Cometh


Glorious Gloom, roiling storm clouds over BGC


Random BGC clips and scenes (with cats of course!)


SE Asian Black Tilapia fish, #1 (more to come)


St Luke's Hospital, Bonifacio Global City, BGC, Review


SE Asian Black Tilapia #2 with clear water


Nice rainy thunderstorm, BGC, Manila


Average walk, average day in an average area of BGC


Informal Walk-Around BGC High Street, Stores, etc.


Killer thunder and lightning, BGC, Manila, Taguig


Commuter boat ride down the Pasig River, Manila


Dark, roiling, stormy clouds over Manila, short clip


Shopping in Greenhills Mall, driving around in Taguig


Taxi from Manila to Subic Bay Marina to examine boat


Slideshow of SE Asia people and scenes 1


Slideshow of SE Asia people and scenes 2


Thai drivers suck


My Mate Nate, Thailand, clouds background, short clip


SE Asia images, slideshow 3


SE Asia images, slideshow 4


SE Asia images, slideshow 5


Timelapse clouds after Typhoon Jenny, Manila


Timelapse of stormy clouds, scared the cats


360 reframed view of a walk through BGC (w/cats!)


360 view of the UrbanFarmersPH community garden, BGC


Being attacked in BGC by Vicious Street Cats


Freestyle driving in Manila; Rock and Roll bay-bee!


Slideshow of crops and flowers in UrbanFarmersPH, BGC


Black Farmed Tilapia fish (cash crop in Manila)


Looking for homeless cats in BGC, Manila (Taguig)


Caught talking to cats


Driver Mayhem in Manila, episode #2


Hard rainstorm from sidewalk cafe, Manila


SE Asian Girlfriends always like to sing


Greenhills Mall, Manila, looking for chickens


Tilapia, Filapia, jeeze we hate them


Lots of shopping at Greenhills Mall, Manila #1


CLOTHING shopping at Greenhills Mall, Manila #2


Upon first entering Greenhills Mall, Manila


More clothes shopping, Greenhills Mall, Manila


Ace Hardware in Greenhills Mall (and the search for chickens)


Is the Greenbelt 3 mall really green?


Slow motion tennis, inside a mall, in Manila!


Birds, slow motion at Starbucks, endangered species at end


Black Tilapia. Again. Again? Yep. We can't stop filming the damned things


Inside Glorietta Mall, Makati, Manila, Philippines


Entering into the Glorietta Mall and walkaround


Screwing around in Glorietta, looking for halo halo


Eating outside, Greenbelt Mall 3


Looking around the Church/Chapel, Greenbelt 3 Mall


Feeding sardines to vicious, homeless street cats in BGC, Manila


Nice Dinner, Nice Girl, Manila; description always clues you in


Halloween Candy giveaway to kids on the street in Manila


MOA, street people, Manila Bay, BGC, malls, drunk, etc.


Grocery shopping in BGC, Taguig, Philippines (w/cats of course)


Mo' cats Mo' cats Mo' cats, wild and wooly


What does the cat say/see?


Peaceful City Scapes (with cats)


Foreign Cultures can make you cranky


Beautiful clouds over Bonifacio Global City Center


Crazy street cat video (a little too plump, really)


YouTube's now infamous "INVALID TRAFFIC" fiasco


Parks, Streets, Cats, Guns, Bonifacio Global City, Manila


Aliens in Rizal, Philippines, at that damned probing again


Cats, Cats, and Mo' Hangry Cats, BGC


Car dealers for the rich and famous, BGC, Manila, Taguig


Hungry hungry abandoned cats in Manila, Philippines


Ep. 10, of moving to SE Asia


Ep. 11, of moving to SE Asia, escaping the western matrix


Ep. 12, Leaving Bangkok for a new Thai town and how Brits treat girls


Riding motorbikes around Pattaya, Thailand


Shopping, Landers "Superstore", Uptown Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


Shopping in Landmark, Uptown BGC, Taguig, Philippines (prices)


2023-24 New Years Fireworks, BGC, Taguig, Philippines, Uptown/Forbes


Can animals commit suicide? Can animals kill themselves? We're not sure now!


Grocery shopping and food prices in BGC, Manila, Philippines


Only one stray hungry cat in the park today. All others dead?


Why they don't speak English in England


Light grocery shopping in a supermarket in Manila, Philippines


Evening Stroll to find some Pho (Vietnamese soup in Manila)


BGC, Lunch, No cats! But some fish bit me 3 times!


Feeding frenzy, Black Tilapia cash crop fish in a tank, Philippines


Walking, shopping in Landmark Bonifacio Global City, Philippines


Near-miss motorcycle accident, dumb lady in a car


Shopping in Manila, groceries, food, receipt, price comparison


S&R Membership Shopping, prices, Costco clone in Manila


SIBO, gastritis, PPI, omeprazole, acid reflux, pantoprazole, baby aspirin


Walking BGC, Manila, hungry cats, luxury cars, shopping


Walk to Watsons, Uptown Mall, BGC, Manila


Full length tour of High Street outdoor Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Manila


Short shopping trip to Landers with prices


Walk through middle class Filipino neighborhood near BGC


Vol. 1, Heckyll and Jekyll, two kittens abandoned in the park


Vol. 2, Heckle and Jeckle, abandoned kittens in the park, Manila


Vol. 3, Heckle is Missing!


Motorbike ride to local store in Thailand, driving left hand


Loudspeaker street sellers in Thailand, ruining all commerce around them


Getting pizza at Landers BGC Manila and shopping w/prices


Vol. 4, Jeckle alone now, abandoned kitten in the park in BGC


Weird dance video, by Genesis


Thai kids dancing to above dance video


Try to find a good woman in Philippines or Thailand; we dare ya


Guns, guards, cats, last call for Jeckle the kitten


Chinese New Year High Street, BGC, Manila, Dragons


Starving, dead and dying cats on the Darkside, Manila, Philippines


Bonifacio Global City is Cat Friendly. Wish they liked cameras half as much


Tiny Planet view, feeding kitties in the park


Deadly Philippines Piranhas (no, not the girls)


Why do girls trip and fall down SO DAMNED MUCH!? God knows


BGC Forbes Park Nature Trail


Tiny kitten "Jeckle" has been found alive!


MOA Mall of Asia tour, taxi rides, beach, promenade


BAD(!) Filipino Drivers


Shopping trip to Landmark, BGC, USA rxpats compare prices


Shopping, Landers and Landmark, BGC, Taguig, Manila, w/receipt


Global Brain Disease (GBD) virus finally identified!


Two blind, homeless street cats. Life is cheap here in Manila


Walkthrough of semi-seedy area, Manila, long version of the blind cats


Beautiful park, hungry cats, and FALLING DOWN


Filipino drivers, bad news, chaos and anarchy, but no violence!


Snowy drone flight, Sierra Nevada Mountains, USA


Motorbike ride to nearby lake, left-side driving, Thailand


Hanging around Beach Road, Pattaya, soi 13/1, Chon Buri, Thailand


Gas station spill, motorbiking in Pattaya, Thailand


The Blind Band (#2), Manila, Philippines


A middle class area of Manila that some think is a slum


Shirt shopping outdoors, feeding homeless cats, jeepneys, etc. in BGC


Drone: Lookin' for Dem Wolves Bin Keelin' Da Sheeps, snowy mountains


See a shipwreck from a drone in Thailand


Who let the dogs out!? Harley Davidson dog, USA


Shopping Manila 2 stores shows receipts & cat attack!


Sinking a bus in a lake in Thailand!


Scuba waterpark drone flyover, paintball arena, walking alien ball


Get dizzy climbing down from a jungle lookout tower in Thailand


Water buffalos in Thailand running from drone


Thai meat market where we shopped for years


Testing and reviewing Osmo Pocket 3 in Manila, Philippines


Killer Whale Orca attack in Canada, circa 1960's


Creeping through a garden like a rat (you'll understand)


How to find a good girl in Philippines, Thailand (most are bad)


Evening stroll around Uptown, BGC, Taguig, Philippines


Road rage? In the Philippines? NEVER!


Saigon traffic, awe inspiring!


Can the IRS steal your money? Will the IRS steal your money?


Lush green vegetables, produce and flowers. Beautiful crops


Flyboarding in a mud pond in Thailand. Do NOT even ask


Cooking crepes the THAI Way!


BGC cityscape, night, high resolution 4k, Pocket 3 camera


Killing a spitting Cobra in the Thai jungle, and BBQ it!


PPG Powered Paraglider low level over desert, western USA


The Blind Band #3, Taguig, Manila, Philippines


Jeepneys, Jeepneys, Jeepneys in Philippines, 4k


Feeding a lone homeless preggers cat in BGC at the bank


Market Market Mall in 4k, BGC, Manila


Walking stroll around BGC, Manila, w/cats, cars, traffic, buildings


Robinsons Park Mall, Ermita, Manila, Philippines


Walking around Ermita, Robinsons Park Mall, LA Cafe, and Rizal Park


Rizal Park Walk, with hoses and carriages


Simply Sunflowers and Nothing more, a slo-mo bee's eye view


Real Philippines Slums, Pasay, Metro Manila


Bad intersection, bad drivers, Philippines


Grocery shopping in Manila


Pretty Green Stuff (a garden)


Venice Canal Mall, Taguig, CLOSED! Like a MORTUARY!


Cloud sequence showing weird anomaly in the sky over the Philippines


Homeless cats, sunflowers, weird city scenes, BGC, Manila, all slo-mo


What the Bee Sees. Be the Bee. Just Bee-ing Weird


296, Aliens, Thailand (short)


The Blind Band #4


Wild Thai Soi Dog Pack, vicious killers, I was lucky to survive


Feedin' da Pla (fish) in Thailand


Genesis Dances (again)


Fast Boat, Puget Sound, Scream and Fly Bay-Bee


More abandon kittens in the park. Heartbroken


Genesis Dance #3


Pattaya Beach, soi 13-1, Thailand, watching girls


Flooding in Thailand


Grit and grime, motorbiking in Thailand


Party Central Thailand


Thai Bamboo Tattoo, not Sak Yant


Passenger Commuter Boats of Bangkok's Waterway canals


Manila traffic, chaos or symphony?


Even more abandon cats and kittens in the park


BGC, the stark contrast between inside, and 10 meters outside


Cats, cats, and more cats in Metro Manila


Burning Man 2022


Last Hope Cat Kingdom mass euthanasia by Merced County Animal Control


Vol. 2, Last Hope Cat Kingdom mass euthanasia by Merced County Animal Control


Peace in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Metro Manila, Philippines


Crossing in crosswalks is dangerous


Cocoa the stubborn bike-chasing soi dog in Thailand


Thai girls, pole dancers, strippers


Stray hungry cats in BGC must be always on guard for predators


Kickass drone flight in the fog and snow, under the bridge


One-eyed kittens in Manila


How much the meat in Manila?


Wild horses of the American Southwest


Case of the choking stray street cat


Case of the choking stray street cat #2


Old Thai man dancing for tips in the soi (alley)


Two little girls want milk for their baby in Malate, Manila


Slow-motion taxi cruise through Metro Manila, 100f.


Hungry stray cats in the park


4k Clouds timelapse, Taguig, Philippines


Clouds, Manila, timelapse


Thai (ex)wife LOVES giving pedicures. And loves throwing tantrums


UrbanFarmersPH, Community garden in Metro Manila


Pho in Manila with girls, menu, ordering, waiting, eating, price


Feeding the Kraken in the Park


Feeding strays in the park


Extra-sweet kitten dumped in the park, needs home


Thunderheads, thunder cumulus, monsoons over Manila


Glimpsing Manila through a gritty rain


Adopt sweet little Quill. Please


Street guy Filipino juggling bottles


Street guy Filipino juggling bottles #2


Adventures of Quill, the abandon kitten in the park, Manila


Lucky bird


More Milky and Quill


Insta360 X4 review and sample




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