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SE Asia Chronicles Podcast Transcript #21


All texts Copyright (c) 2023™


This is an auto-generated speech-to-text transcript of a SE Asia Chronicles Podcast


Speech to text generators are often faulty. We have one that works nearly flawlessly, but it's a web-based service and is a real PITA to use.


The text generated in this case, from this engine, is full of flaws, incorrect words, misspellings and other nonsense. Its value really only lies in providing context for the search engines.


The "Transcript" links take you to the transcript page which hosts all auto-generated written transcripts of the podcasts. Up through episode 8 were done by Adobe's absurd and ludicrous idea of a speech to text generator. It's another pathetic embarrassment to Adobe. Transcripts after that were made by a real transcriber. In so many ways, for so many "products", Adobe can just go suck an egg -- and they just more than doubled their subscription price. It is truly time to just say goodbye to Adobe in all the cases where that's even remotely possible.


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Good afternoo