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SE Asia Chronicles Podcast Transcript #11


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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:06,880
Good afternoon from Southeast Asia. Happened to be in Manila, but maybe not

00:00:06,880 --> 00:00:12,800
for long. We'll cover that later. We're gonna cover the various countries later.

00:00:12,800 --> 00:00:21,960
This will be episode or volume number 11 of the Southeast Asia Chronicles.

00:00:21,960 --> 00:00:31,320
Names gotta go. Stupid. I'm tired of Chronicles in every form. Let's see. All

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tapes, all images, all everything are copyrighted. 2023 by

00:00:37,040 --> 00:00:44,720
If you happen to like aliens, well no, no, you're not gonna. Once you learn

00:00:44,720 --> 00:00:50,880
about aliens, you ain't gonna like them no more. If you want to learn about

00:00:50,880 --> 00:00:59,760
aliens and why you will not like them, go to or

00:00:59,760 --> 00:01:13,520
or or... ready for this one? Save the gay whales for Jesus.

00:01:13,520 --> 00:01:24,560
I'm not joking. Look at me when I'm not smiling. Save the gay whales for

00:01:24,560 --> 00:01:32,320
Okay. I don't even know where all they are.

00:01:32,320 --> 00:01:39,720
They're in the RSS feeds. There's a sprinkling of them on YouTube. Don't

00:01:39,720 --> 00:01:48,880
care. Don't know. Don't care. Okay. The purpose. What the hell are we doing here?

00:01:48,880 --> 00:01:55,160
The purpose is to help you decide if you might want to escape the matrix and go

00:01:55,160 --> 00:01:58,800
to Southeast Asia. And a lot of the stuff we're talking about here, I

00:01:58,800 --> 00:02:01,920
specifically we're talking about Southeast Asia, but if you decide to go

00:02:01,920 --> 00:02:08,800
to Brazil, you know, a lot of this stuff is still gonna apply. Specifics would be

00:02:08,800 --> 00:02:12,520
different, but the general concepts are gonna apply all straight across around

00:02:12,520 --> 00:02:18,360
the world. If you're coming from a Western nation, hang on to your hat there,

00:02:18,360 --> 00:02:26,640
paisano. Oh God. It'll be a ride. Maybe a good one, might be a bad one, might be in

00:02:26,640 --> 00:02:30,600
between one, might be ups and downs like a rollercoaster, but it's gonna be a ride.

00:02:30,600 --> 00:02:37,080
If you are languishing in a life of quiet desperation in some Western

00:02:37,080 --> 00:02:43,040
country in which the life has been sucked out of it and out of you, and you're

00:02:43,040 --> 00:02:54,080
just existing. Get the hell out. Just get out the back, Jack. Get yourself free. Oh, bug. Bug.

00:02:56,080 --> 00:03:02,800
Got you. Got you, didn't I, you little bastard? Okay. This is bug central. Actually,

00:03:02,800 --> 00:03:12,960
Thailand was worse. Cambodia is worse, yeah, you know. That's funny. In the Philippines, I don't see people eating bugs.

00:03:12,960 --> 00:03:23,760
Maybe they do. Thailand is common. You have street stands with, I don't know, 15, 18

00:03:23,760 --> 00:03:28,600
varieties of bugs, and they're all in little dishes, and the guy's got a little cook top there,

00:03:28,600 --> 00:03:34,840
and you tell him how you want to prepare it, and how many you want, throws them in, cooks them up.

00:03:34,840 --> 00:03:43,760
Some eat raw, they're all dead. Well, no, they're not all dead. Most are dead. I've tried nearly

00:03:43,760 --> 00:03:49,360
every single one, many times over the years, because you know, you got some, yeah, who from

00:03:49,360 --> 00:03:54,960
the Western country comes to visit you. What's it like in Thailand? Okay, motherfucker. You're gonna

00:03:54,960 --> 00:04:00,520
find out. We're going right now. And you take them somewhere, there's a bug stand, and you say,

00:04:00,520 --> 00:04:06,360
chow down. And what are they gonna do? They just say, no. No, they're in Thailand. They're adventure

00:04:06,360 --> 00:04:11,600
of their life, you know. They gotta eat bugs, and especially when you start eating them, they don't have

00:04:11,600 --> 00:04:17,240
any choice. They're not gonna have you show them up. They gotta eat bugs. And I don't tell them which

00:04:17,240 --> 00:04:26,800
ones are truly hideous. I've got videos of guys popping in great big old, I don't know, like almost

00:04:26,800 --> 00:04:35,640
half dollar, well, almost half dollar size, big old black beetles. And you're saying, yeah, these

00:04:35,640 --> 00:04:41,400
are good. These are the good ones, you know. It tastes like almonds. They crunch them and crunch them,

00:04:41,400 --> 00:04:53,520
and their face just gets worse and worse and worse and worse. And they're spinning them. That's really funny. And they go, you let them go around the whole

00:04:53,520 --> 00:05:06,000
rest of the evening with a little leg hanging off their lip. That's what I live for. Okay, so we're supposed to be telling you,

00:05:07,400 --> 00:05:11,280
helping you decide if you want to move to Southeast Asia. And if you do, how are you going to do it? You get the

00:05:11,280 --> 00:05:18,920
money. How much money does it take? Stuff like that. We're not quite there yet. We're getting there. We're covering every detail I can

00:05:18,920 --> 00:05:29,440
think of. Okay, this is a comprehensive review instruction manual. Okay. We're at 11. This is number 11, volume 11. And I

00:05:29,440 --> 00:05:39,280
suspect we probably get 10 more to go. Maybe 10, probably not more than 10 to cover this to the degree and depth that I want to

00:05:39,280 --> 00:05:55,600
cover. And we'll give you the tools you need to make some decisions. Okay. We've covered this quite a few times. All you poor suckers

00:05:56,120 --> 00:06:08,080
up there in Western countries could be French. Well, we don't care about the French. Fuck the French. That's what they say to us. You

00:06:08,080 --> 00:06:17,480
know, you go there and you stop somebody on the street and you're very best French. You know, you ask them where's your

00:06:17,480 --> 00:06:34,280
restaurant. Fuck you. In French. It's funny, the French that leave France are not so rude. I think because they know once they

00:06:34,280 --> 00:06:40,440
get out of their native territory with their buds in their homes and they're rude like that, they're going to lose their goddamn

00:06:40,520 --> 00:06:49,320
teeth. And they will. So they're really brave in France. Get out of France, they're not so bad. So I knew lots of French people

00:06:49,320 --> 00:06:58,040
in Southeast Asia. They're okay. I got along with them. They're fine. We go hang out. They have adventures. No problem. And I'm

00:06:58,040 --> 00:07:03,860
going to do a breakdown of my personal experiences with and opinions of the various nationalities that come to

00:07:03,860 --> 00:07:14,840
Southeast Asia. And that's my personal opinion, but it's based on my direct experience. In fact, so I don't forget that.

00:07:14,840 --> 00:07:37,040
Okay, now, last time we left you in Bangkok, and we just chose Thailand because it's the center of Southeast Asia. You go to

00:07:37,040 --> 00:07:44,800
any other country and I'll tell you about the other countries. But that's what I did when I was tired of the Matrix. And

00:07:44,800 --> 00:07:56,680
my wife had passed away and I was adrift. I mean, I was adrift like few people ever adrift in this life. And I had money. I

00:07:56,680 --> 00:08:06,840
was fortunate. I had a lot of money. Not so much anymore, but some. And I just needed out. I needed out. My brain was

00:08:06,840 --> 00:08:25,600
going to explode. My heart was broken. And I needed out. And I literally pulled up a map of most of the world, mostly Southeast

00:08:25,600 --> 00:08:32,880
Asia, because I sort of had an inkling I wanted to go to Southeast Asia. But I was open to any place else in the world. And I

00:08:32,880 --> 00:08:43,400
had given away my business. I had money. I had no responsibility. My wife was gone. Kids grown. Cat's dead. No, the cat

00:08:43,400 --> 00:08:53,360
wasn't dead. That was a big, big thing. I was really, really close to the cat. And then I had to leave him. And then he died

00:08:53,360 --> 00:09:02,960
because they didn't take good care of him. That hurt. That hurt a lot. Still hurts right now. That's been 11 years. That hurts. 10

00:09:02,960 --> 00:09:16,560
years. I left everything, put it in storage, and just took a few suitcases and went. And I pulled up a map on the screen and I

00:09:16,560 --> 00:09:24,880
did pin the tail on the donkey. I closed my eyes. Yeah, that one. I'm going to that country and it turned out to be Thailand,

00:09:25,680 --> 00:09:35,480
because Thailand's the biggest and the most central. It wasn't any spiritual force that directed me. It was just the biggest

00:09:35,480 --> 00:09:41,160
country. I'm kind of in the middle of the map. I should have gone off to the edge or something like that. Could have been

00:09:41,160 --> 00:09:56,240
Bonio. That would have sucked. But anyway. So it's hot. It's hot. We've got a lot of monsoons going on, so humidity is 214%.

00:09:59,320 --> 00:10:03,560
Got two air conditioners going. Fans still just sitting here sweating.

00:10:03,560 --> 00:10:15,160
Okay, so we left you. We just hypothetically said you went to Thailand. And the first place you're going to go in Thailand is

00:10:15,160 --> 00:10:20,160
Bangkok. And you know, if you're kind of footloose, you're probably going to hang around in Bangkok for a while. See what

00:10:20,160 --> 00:10:31,040
Bangkok is. Another bug. See what Bangkok is about. Oh, I'll kill you. Geez. And most people do. I did for a while, a couple

00:10:31,040 --> 00:10:39,600
months, at least a couple months, and learned a lot. And so we've got you as far as Bangkok. You're in a hotel. You're,

00:10:41,680 --> 00:10:50,960
you know, if you're a girl, you didn't come to Thailand. Because they don't. They don't want. There are quite a few reasons

00:10:50,960 --> 00:11:00,720
ladies don't come to Thailand. It's a little too exotic for them. It's a little too rough. It's a little too backwards. I

00:11:00,720 --> 00:11:08,200
think honestly, they don't, Western women don't want the competition because they're gonna lose. They're gonna lose.

00:11:09,160 --> 00:11:22,960
They're gonna go from top of the food chain to the bottom. And once like bottom. You know, that's not going to that.

00:11:22,960 --> 00:11:32,160
That's a whole other tape probably. Ladies alone don't go to Thailand. Ladies with husbands go to Thailand and then they

00:11:32,160 --> 00:11:47,920
regret it. You figure out why. So it's guys. So you're a guy and you came to Thailand and you're in Bangkok and you're

00:11:47,920 --> 00:11:54,320
looking for girls because you're stupid. Because you didn't get the anti-testosterone shots that I told you to get before

00:11:54,320 --> 00:12:00,480
you left Western country. Get them. You know, go to the doctor. Say you don't want to think about girls anymore. You want

00:12:00,480 --> 00:12:08,960
to be disgusted by them. Oh God, this is serious advice. I'm not fucking joking. I'm not. I wish I was. If you do that.

00:12:10,720 --> 00:12:16,240
I don't even know if she can do it. I don't know if they have shots like that. I'm just making this shit up. If they do,

00:12:16,240 --> 00:12:25,120
get them. Get them. If you're test, if you're old and your testosterone is naturally low, do something to finish it off.

00:12:25,120 --> 00:12:34,080
You don't want that. You want to have a nice peaceful life and have some adventures and not lose all your money and not be

00:12:34,080 --> 00:12:48,080
aggravated and purge out that testosterone. Just get it gone because it's not your friend. I know you don't understand what the

00:12:48,080 --> 00:12:57,840
hell I'm saying. You will. After about five years in most Southeast Asian countries, you're literally just like, oh my God, that's what

00:12:57,840 --> 00:13:06,240
that jackass was talking about. Oh, he was brilliant. He was a genius. Oh my God, but I didn't get it at the time. And now I've

00:13:06,240 --> 00:13:11,120
wasted all this time and all this money and all this heartache and oh, I wish I would have listened to him.

00:13:16,000 --> 00:13:22,160
Okay. So if you come to Thailand, you don't have any testosterone in your system, you're going to have a lovely life.

00:13:22,160 --> 00:13:35,200
Lovely. You're going to explore. Oh, it's going to be great. But if you still have testosterone or like some fools do, they

00:13:35,200 --> 00:13:45,040
realize their older testosterone is going down. And in Thailand, there's like testosterone clinics on every third corner for the

00:13:45,040 --> 00:13:54,640
phalanx because they know they want that. They want to be the stud they were when they were 23. That ain't going to happen, but

00:13:54,640 --> 00:14:02,960
they'll milk you as best they can. So you go in and you get some pills that probably is going to make you sick. Can you get some

00:14:02,960 --> 00:14:10,320
big testosterone shot up the ass? You do that once a week or once every 10 days. And you know, your libido will go up. It doesn't

00:14:10,320 --> 00:14:19,680
mean your capability is going to go up. Maybe a tiny bit, but basically you're old and you're fucked.

00:14:24,160 --> 00:14:31,040
But your life, oh God, you're going to learn. I mean, if the purpose of life on earth is to learn, oh God, you're going to the

00:14:31,040 --> 00:14:41,200
concentrated school of learning, school of concentrated learning about life. And having Thai or Southeast Asian females in your

00:14:41,200 --> 00:14:54,240
life is going to accelerate that. I feel like in the last 10 or 11 years, I've lived 10 lifetimes, 10 or 15, maybe 20, compared to a

00:14:54,240 --> 00:15:04,320
guy who is an insurance salesman in a Western country. I mean, he's learning also, he's learning what it's like to be bored and why

00:15:04,320 --> 00:15:12,080
you should not be bored. That's what he's learning. Everybody learns, period. You can't help it. You're going to learn.

00:15:14,720 --> 00:15:18,000
You step off a cliff, you're going to learn why you shouldn't have stepped off the cliff.

00:15:18,000 --> 00:15:25,920
Okay, so you're in Bangkok and you kind of figured out the routine a little bit. You can get around.

00:15:27,040 --> 00:15:35,120
And I've been telling just sort of random stories. People write in and they post questions or they

00:15:35,120 --> 00:15:43,040
sometimes they just like send one word. Like yesterday, somebody just made a one word message. It's snakes.

00:15:43,040 --> 00:15:49,680
Yeah, got him. What do you want to know? So we went through a discussion of snakes. Here's one that says driving.

00:15:51,520 --> 00:15:57,280
What about it? Can you drive in Thailand? Well, yeah, you can. You don't want to, but you can.

00:15:59,280 --> 00:16:04,000
I've said many times Thailand is the most dangerous country in the world to drive in. More fatalities

00:16:04,640 --> 00:16:11,360
per capita, per mile, I guess, or something, than any other country that Thais routinely try to cook in.

00:16:11,360 --> 00:16:17,040
The books and they say, no, we're number two, we're number three. When the independents come in and,

00:16:18,000 --> 00:16:23,680
you know, sift through the books and say, no, I'm sorry, you're number one. Thais say, no, that can't be true.

00:16:23,680 --> 00:16:30,160
Well, it is true. You drive for one fucking day, you know it's true. They're stupid drivers.

00:16:31,040 --> 00:16:35,200
And they're crazy drivers and they don't care. Anyway, you can get a Thai driver's license.

00:16:35,200 --> 00:16:41,520
I'm probably not going to go through the procedure for that right now. Maybe,

00:16:42,880 --> 00:16:48,160
maybe toward the end of the series when I'm, you know, searching for scraps to toss out there,

00:16:49,040 --> 00:16:53,440
we'll go through the procedure to get a Thai driver's license. It is now so convoluted and

00:16:53,440 --> 00:16:59,040
absurd and ludicrous, beyond ludicrous. Oh, that's one of our domains, beyond ludicrous speed.

00:16:59,040 --> 00:17:05,200
You can go there for aliens, beyond ludicrous speed. Remember the old Spaceballs movie.

00:17:05,200 --> 00:17:09,200
That's how fast they were going beyond ludicrous speed.

00:17:11,840 --> 00:17:14,080
Okay, so

00:17:16,080 --> 00:17:19,120
you can get a Thai driver's license. You get a driver's license pretty much any country.

00:17:19,120 --> 00:17:22,880
The procedures are vastly different. Thailand has become,

00:17:22,880 --> 00:17:33,200
has become, oh god, the last time I did it, just to renew, just to renew was pushing a month.

00:17:36,400 --> 00:17:39,920
And I couldn't get through it. I had gone through it for the 11 years before that,

00:17:39,920 --> 00:17:47,120
10 years before that. But I couldn't get it done that last time because Prayut, the Prime Minister,

00:17:47,120 --> 00:18:00,080
my force, had instituted so many new policies that he made it impossible for a felon just to walk in

00:18:00,080 --> 00:18:05,600
to get a driver's license anymore, even to renew, even to renew. I guess I will go through that

00:18:05,600 --> 00:18:10,560
because it'll be yet another example of the insanity of Southeast Asia. I'll go through that,

00:18:10,560 --> 00:18:17,520
not this time probably, but one episode. Yeah, you can do it. You don't want to do it.

00:18:19,520 --> 00:18:23,760
Ah, your life's going to be so much better if you just take taxis. They got every kind of taxi.

00:18:23,760 --> 00:18:30,480
They got tuk-tuks and they got song-toos. Toos, I never pronounce it well enough for the Thais.

00:18:30,480 --> 00:18:40,160
They are in some cities, well, okay, song-toos, sounds Frenchy, is just a pick up with some bench

00:18:40,160 --> 00:18:47,440
seats in the back and it stops. They go on kind of sort of established routes, but they'll veer off.

00:18:47,440 --> 00:18:51,200
You'll be on one thinking you're on the way to the mall. And they just take a right-hand turn

00:18:51,200 --> 00:18:56,480
to go somewhere else that day because they just feel like it. And you go a couple of blocks and

00:18:56,480 --> 00:18:59,920
you think, what the fuck, what the fuck? You can't ask them because they don't speak English. So,

00:18:59,920 --> 00:19:05,600
you're banging, hitting the buzzer to get off, and you get off. And then what the fuck, you've

00:19:05,600 --> 00:19:09,760
got to walk back to the main line. You got to pay them even though they took you the wrong way. You

00:19:09,760 --> 00:19:15,760
got to pay them. And then you walk back to the main line, a couple of blocks, however long,

00:19:16,560 --> 00:19:20,160
and then you wait for the next one. Hopefully it's going to go where it's supposed to go.

00:19:20,160 --> 00:19:27,360
Well, it might or it might not. Probably will, might not. They're cheap. They're called bot buses

00:19:27,360 --> 00:19:38,880
or the Thai name is the song, two, two, two, fuck, whatever. Ten years, I couldn't pronounce it.

00:19:39,760 --> 00:19:49,120
I got corrected every time. I'd say song two and they'd say, no, song two. What? Song two. No,

00:19:49,120 --> 00:19:57,680
no, no, you're a stupid filet. Song two. We just call it joking in English. You know,

00:19:58,640 --> 00:20:10,320
what's a Thai word for joking. Okay. So the English is bot bus, but in, they're not a tuk-tuk.

00:20:10,320 --> 00:20:15,520
They're not a tuk-tuk. A tuk-tuk is T-U-K, T-U-K. They're not a tuk-tuk, but in some towns,

00:20:15,520 --> 00:20:20,880
they call them a tuk-tuk. It's just insane. I think the Phalanx got that started because they

00:20:20,880 --> 00:20:25,920
didn't want to say song two. So they just said, oh, it's a tuk-tuk. Well, no, it's not. A tuk-tuk

00:20:25,920 --> 00:20:31,360
is a little three wheeled thing. There's a lot of those in Bangkok. They're really expensive.

00:20:31,360 --> 00:20:35,040
They're really dangerous. They're really smoky. They're little two stroke engines.

00:20:36,960 --> 00:20:41,280
The fumes will kill you. You know, you stop to the light and there's no breeze.

00:20:41,280 --> 00:20:51,120
The two stroke fumes are, God, they're going to kill you. It's horrible. But they're everywhere.

00:20:52,080 --> 00:21:01,280
And the cheapest way is a motorbike taxi. The next thing would be a Grab or an Uber type thing.

00:21:01,280 --> 00:21:09,200
The next one would be, well, I don't know, the buses. The buses are going to be the cheapest,

00:21:09,200 --> 00:21:13,520
but you're never going to figure those out. Not in Bangkok. If you've got a Thai girlfriend,

00:21:13,520 --> 00:21:17,920
just go, just go, just tell her you want to go somewhere and she'll figure out the best way to

00:21:17,920 --> 00:21:21,920
get you there and she'll take you. It'd be painless. Bus, whatever it is in there.

00:21:23,440 --> 00:21:25,120
No air conditioning on the buses.

00:21:25,120 --> 00:21:33,760
Windows are all down. It stinks. It's rough. It's nasty. Get driving.

00:21:39,360 --> 00:21:42,640
Don't do it if you don't have to. I resisted for the first six months. I would just sit in

00:21:42,640 --> 00:21:46,960
places, sidewalk cafes and watch the traffic and say, nope, nope, ain't doing that. Nope, nope.

00:21:48,080 --> 00:21:52,960
And then I would just sit in the bus and watch the traffic and say, nope, nope, ain't doing that.

00:21:52,960 --> 00:22:03,200
Nope. And then I did it and I learned to do it really well. Tens and tens and tens of thousands

00:22:03,200 --> 00:22:09,840
of miles on countless motorbikes. Never got hit, never went down, but that was luck.

00:22:10,880 --> 00:22:15,520
Drove lots of cars, rented lots of cars, drove them crisscrossed Thailand driving cars.

00:22:15,520 --> 00:22:21,600
You could do it. You got to get used to driving on the left side.

00:22:24,240 --> 00:22:30,480
Some places, Western countries, you do that anyway. Some places, it was a big thing for me.

00:22:30,480 --> 00:22:33,520
I had a hard time adjusting, but I did and now I can't adjust back.

00:22:35,600 --> 00:22:41,120
I drive around in Western country and I'm constantly trying to go over the left side of the

00:22:41,120 --> 00:22:46,800
road. Okay. So driving is driving. I'm just going to leave it there. So I'll mention it later. Okay.

00:22:46,800 --> 00:22:54,960
Health insurance used to be nothing was required before COVID. Hospitals were cheap. You just pay

00:22:54,960 --> 00:23:02,880
for it. Whatever happened, pretty much you just paid for it. If something really went haywire,

00:23:04,240 --> 00:23:10,000
hopefully you were still lucid enough to get a flight back to your Western country and take

00:23:10,000 --> 00:23:17,280
advantage of whatever national insurance system they had for anything serious. And then maybe you

00:23:17,280 --> 00:23:23,840
got patched up and you came back. Lots of guys did that. Health insurance now is stinking expensive

00:23:23,840 --> 00:23:30,080
in Thailand. Not so much in some other countries, but in Thailand, they just did kind of land grab.

00:23:30,800 --> 00:23:36,720
Oh, now they got to have insurance with COVID. Let's see, how much can we rape them? Oh, I think

00:23:36,720 --> 00:23:42,880
the sky's the limit. Okay. There's all kinds of really, really, really bad insurance that

00:23:43,680 --> 00:23:47,680
will satisfy the government requirements to get you into the country or get you a visa.

00:23:49,520 --> 00:23:51,920
But they're shit. They're not going to cover hardly anything at all.

00:23:56,320 --> 00:23:59,120
If you want good insurance, it's going to give you good coverage. You're going to pay through the

00:23:59,120 --> 00:24:08,080
ass. You're going to have as much as 500 US a month. How much you're paying in your Western

00:24:08,080 --> 00:24:13,120
country, probably a lot less than that. So Thailand has gone berserk. The cost of medical care in

00:24:13,120 --> 00:24:22,560
Thailand is probably 20% what it is in a Western country, but the insurance is more. So you figure

00:24:22,560 --> 00:24:30,000
out who's getting rich on that bullshit. Okay. I've got a couple of questions. I mentioned in

00:24:30,000 --> 00:24:38,720
the very first one that in 10th grade, I went to the school counselor and said, I can't take this

00:24:38,720 --> 00:24:42,960
shit anymore. I don't like the kids. I don't like the teachers. I'm not learning anything. There's

00:24:42,960 --> 00:24:48,240
nothing here that I'm learning that I could not get out of a set of encyclopedias. Nothing.

00:24:48,240 --> 00:24:54,240
And I sat there and I just waited for the argument. Well, you got to stay in school.

00:24:54,240 --> 00:25:04,080
You'll never be a success. And he looked at me for a long time, 30 seconds, just looked at me.

00:25:04,080 --> 00:25:15,680
No words. And he said, you know, I talked to him before and he was a rational guy. He said, you know,

00:25:15,680 --> 00:25:26,320
I've always held that there are some people on this earth who don't need school. And I thought,

00:25:26,320 --> 00:25:32,960
oh, well, that's kind of a positive development. And he said, you sure you want to quit? I said,

00:25:32,960 --> 00:25:39,840
yes, yes, sir. Done. Done. And he signed the papers and I walked out. Done. 10th grade. Now,

00:25:39,840 --> 00:25:46,080
so people are asking me, don't you regret that? Oh, fuck. You must be such a failure.

00:25:46,080 --> 00:25:53,280
No, I haven't regretted it for one minute. Not for one minute.

00:25:56,880 --> 00:26:00,720
Truly there was nothing in there that I was learning or was going to learn that I couldn't

00:26:00,720 --> 00:26:08,960
get out of a set of encyclopedias. There was nothing. Nothing. It could be argued that, well,

00:26:08,960 --> 00:26:13,920
you stay in school, you're going to learn about social interaction. Well, I didn't want to learn

00:26:13,920 --> 00:26:18,800
about that anymore. I saw it. I knew what it was. I didn't want any more social interaction with

00:26:20,560 --> 00:26:27,680
Western Yuppie kids. Still don't to this day. I don't want them around. Don't want to think

00:26:27,680 --> 00:26:30,560
about them. Don't want to see them. Don't want to smell them. Don't want to hear them.

00:26:30,560 --> 00:26:41,680
I went out and learned about life. Real life.

00:26:45,200 --> 00:26:54,000
And I never regretted it for one microsecond. I made more money in my life. Probably.

00:26:54,000 --> 00:27:00,400
I don't know. Probably a hundred times more money in my life than I ever would have made

00:27:00,400 --> 00:27:12,240
had I gone into some normal profession, especially a salaried profession. In 1976 and onward,

00:27:12,240 --> 00:27:24,000
1977 and onward, I was working as a commercial diver and I was making on the deepest dives that

00:27:24,000 --> 00:27:30,880
I could do that I had equipment for. I was making 2,600 USD an hour. One hour minimum. I could do

00:27:30,880 --> 00:27:44,640
two hours a day. You know? Okay. So money. The money argument is a stupid bullshit argument.

00:27:49,920 --> 00:27:55,280
No, I never regretted it. I did go back later. Some years later. I did go back and I got

00:27:55,280 --> 00:28:06,480
into some deal on an Air Force base. I was doing some weird government stuff and I got into an

00:28:06,480 --> 00:28:11,840
Air Force base on a program that was going to put me through college pretty much for free.

00:28:15,760 --> 00:28:21,680
So I finished out the little bit of high school thing and started into some college stuff.

00:28:21,680 --> 00:28:30,000
And I think I've stuck that up for a year. And the same old story as high school. I had hoped,

00:28:30,000 --> 00:28:36,400
okay, these are college people. These are going to be smarter and more involved beings.

00:28:39,600 --> 00:28:45,680
And they weren't. They were high school kids. They're just stupid, loud, mouthy, pushy,

00:28:45,680 --> 00:28:53,680
idiotic high school kids. Now at the college level. Pratt boys and girls. Teachers were just the same.

00:28:56,000 --> 00:29:00,640
Uninspired. Teaching me stuff that I could get out of any encyclopedia.

00:29:02,880 --> 00:29:07,680
If I even wanted to know it. Well, one of the beauties of school is that they're going to

00:29:07,680 --> 00:29:12,320
expose you to things that you didn't know you needed to know or didn't know you wanted to know.

00:29:12,320 --> 00:29:16,720
And then suddenly it sparks something and you go, oh my God, that's cool. I like that. I'm going to

00:29:16,720 --> 00:29:22,480
learn more about that. Okay. That's a good thing. Okay. You could do the same thing with a set of

00:29:22,480 --> 00:29:33,760
encyclopedias. Once a day you go open one at random. Same exposure. Same exposure.

00:29:33,760 --> 00:29:44,560
Same exposure. Okay. No, I didn't regret it. No. Never did. Don't now. Do I recommend it? No.

00:29:47,920 --> 00:29:49,360
Not for the vast majority of people.

00:29:51,920 --> 00:29:55,600
A lot of people just need that structure. They just can't think on their own.

00:29:55,600 --> 00:30:00,800
The ones who don't need it, know it.

00:30:03,520 --> 00:30:05,120
And they're going to do what they want anyway.

00:30:07,920 --> 00:30:10,000
Sometimes that'll work out for them. Sometimes it won't.

00:30:13,520 --> 00:30:17,840
Okay. So I got another note here. It says, what do I think of the various nationalities

00:30:17,840 --> 00:30:22,640
that I find throughout Southeast Asia? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

00:30:22,640 --> 00:30:25,840
I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

00:30:25,840 --> 00:30:28,800
Let's save that for a little later time. We did health insurance.

00:30:33,120 --> 00:30:38,080
Monkey story. I want to save for later. Okay. So you're in Bangkok and you've been there a while.

00:30:38,720 --> 00:30:44,000
We've covered, you know, pretty soon you're going to need to extend your visa. You got to decide,

00:30:44,000 --> 00:30:48,960
are you going to go for a retirement visa or some kind of long-term visa or, you know, every

00:30:48,960 --> 00:30:54,880
country is set up differently? Or are you just going to stay out your visa that you have,

00:30:54,880 --> 00:30:57,920
your tourist visa, and then go to another country or go back home?

00:31:01,680 --> 00:31:05,440
If you're going to go back home, then, you know, just stop listening pretty much now

00:31:05,440 --> 00:31:11,280
because you're done. If you're going to go to another country, we'll cover some other countries

00:31:11,280 --> 00:31:18,880
later on. I'll cover all the ones that I have, you know, firsthand intimate knowledge of.

00:31:22,000 --> 00:31:28,800
What happened in my case was I mentioned that I had met the girl

00:31:30,320 --> 00:31:33,360
and she hung with me pretty much every day.

00:31:33,360 --> 00:31:45,600
Nice girl. What happened between us, what happened to that girl? That was a really sweet, nice girl.

00:31:45,600 --> 00:31:54,000
She stayed with me pretty much every day and most nights. And I talked about her before.

00:31:54,000 --> 00:32:03,120
It was not romantic in any, not even remotely romantic, never kissed her, never hugged her,

00:32:03,120 --> 00:32:09,920
nothing. Just a nice friend. I don't know for sure what she wanted. I never really figured out what

00:32:09,920 --> 00:32:17,680
she wanted. She wanted a friend that much, I knew. She would not let me give her any money. She would

00:32:17,680 --> 00:32:23,280
not let me buy anything for her except food when we went out to eat. She would not let me buy

00:32:23,280 --> 00:32:28,560
when we went out and pay for the taxis. We'd go to mall after mall after mall.

00:32:30,320 --> 00:32:33,920
I had a lot of money and I wanted to do nice things for her because I knew her life was

00:32:34,880 --> 00:32:39,440
shit beyond comprehension. She lived in a tiny room with between 10 and 12 people.

00:32:41,120 --> 00:32:44,880
No fans, no air conditioners, no nothing. Just, you know, they cooked on a,

00:32:44,880 --> 00:32:52,400
on top of a propane five gallon bottle in the room. That's it. Lucky to have rice.

00:32:53,840 --> 00:32:59,200
Lucky to pay the rent. The rent was 30 or 50 dollars a month, something like that.

00:32:59,840 --> 00:33:06,400
And between the 10 of them, they could barely scrape it up. And I tried every possible way to help her

00:33:06,400 --> 00:33:15,440
financially. She wouldn't think of it. She wouldn't let me buy her anything at all.

00:33:17,600 --> 00:33:26,400
Lots of times she had a little sewing business thing and she had to pretty much take it with

00:33:26,400 --> 00:33:30,880
her everywhere she went. It was kind of a little embroidery thing. She did this real detailed,

00:33:30,880 --> 00:33:36,480
almost fine art embroidering thing for customers.

00:33:40,480 --> 00:33:45,680
And lots of times I wanted her to just take a day off. Let's go just, you know, come on, let's go

00:33:45,680 --> 00:33:50,800
play. Let's go just go here, go there. Come on, come on. And she couldn't because she had some

00:33:50,800 --> 00:33:56,960
things she had to do because her, she couldn't take a day off because she couldn't afford to

00:33:56,960 --> 00:34:03,120
take a day off. You know, I don't know, she was making 50 a day, you know, maybe three dollars a

00:34:03,120 --> 00:34:09,680
day, two dollars a day, something like that. She couldn't afford to miss a day. And I'd say, look,

00:34:12,720 --> 00:34:18,560
I'll just pay you. Here, I'll give you 10,000 bucks. You don't have to work for a while, you know.

00:34:20,320 --> 00:34:25,360
She wouldn't even, God, I couldn't force it on her. It was really distressing to me

00:34:25,360 --> 00:34:29,680
but that was her moral code. She didn't want to be one of those Thai girls who took money from

00:34:29,680 --> 00:34:34,880
phalanges. It was unacceptable to her. She didn't do it. She never did it.

00:34:40,240 --> 00:34:45,840
There's a story about that. Some guy was talking about how he went somewhere and

00:34:47,520 --> 00:34:53,680
saw somebody who was really poor, really in a hard, hard way. And he tried to give him money

00:34:53,680 --> 00:35:00,240
and they said, no sir, I can't take it. You know, I work for what I have. I can't take this

00:35:00,240 --> 00:35:06,800
from you or anybody else. Thank you for the offer, but you know, no. And the guy

00:35:09,520 --> 00:35:14,960
says, look, this is for you but it's also for me because if I give you this money,

00:35:14,960 --> 00:35:20,720
I know it's going to help your life a little bit. And if I can help your life a little bit,

00:35:20,720 --> 00:35:29,840
that's going to make me feel good. It's going to make me happy. Now, please don't cheat me

00:35:30,560 --> 00:35:38,000
out of that happiness. And the guy, a street guy or something like that, I can't remember what it was,

00:35:38,000 --> 00:35:47,120
and he thought about that for a minute. Okay, took the money, went and bought whatever, some food or

00:35:47,120 --> 00:35:55,120
whatever. I wish I would have tried that argument on her. That didn't occur to me at the time. But

00:35:56,480 --> 00:36:07,280
anyway, so we got to be, you know, somewhat close-ish as friends, depended on each other

00:36:08,640 --> 00:36:13,840
to a degree, not financially for me, but for companionship from her because I was just lonely.

00:36:13,840 --> 00:36:26,000
Just objectively, desperately lonely. And as I said, we went everywhere. You know,

00:36:26,000 --> 00:36:30,080
every opportunity that we could, we jumped in a cab and we went somewhere. She took care of it.

00:36:30,080 --> 00:36:37,600
She was the travel guide. And she could speak almost no English. And so we had to use Google

00:36:37,600 --> 00:36:42,640
Translate or some other translator. And so we're just, you know, we're just, you know,

00:36:42,640 --> 00:36:46,080
we're just constantly clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking,

00:36:46,080 --> 00:36:50,320
you know, in the back of the cab, just clicking, clicking, clicking, talking, talking, talking.

00:36:51,120 --> 00:36:58,400
And what happened was more and more, increasingly, we started to have little misunderstandings

00:36:59,040 --> 00:37:09,440
in our exchanges. It was due to, well, it was due to several things. It was due to just the language,

00:37:09,440 --> 00:37:16,560
for one. It was due to the differences in culture for another, but 90% of it was due to Google

00:37:16,560 --> 00:37:26,880
Translate incompetence. Google Translator, in Thai at least, is just pretty close to worthless. In

00:37:26,880 --> 00:37:33,440
fact, it might be a negative value. It might be worse than worthless. It's like they made no attempt,

00:37:33,440 --> 00:37:40,800
whatsoever, to make it accurate in any possible way. If you type he, Google Translate in Thai,

00:37:40,800 --> 00:37:49,120
will translate it to she. Boyfriend is girlfriend. You make a very simple statement, you know,

00:37:49,120 --> 00:37:58,560
can we eat someplace? And Google will translate it to some bizarre fucking thing. And I can't think

00:37:58,560 --> 00:38:04,560
of any specific examples, but Google Translate would take something like that and translate it to

00:38:06,160 --> 00:38:13,520
have you ever fucked a buffalo? Something that outrageous. And it would do that one out of three

00:38:13,520 --> 00:38:20,000
times, even though you're keeping the words really simple and the phrase is really simple, three words,

00:38:20,000 --> 00:38:28,160
five words tops, and Google would fuck it up. Okay. I've picked up on that fairly early. I realized

00:38:28,160 --> 00:38:40,240
what was going on. And she didn't really. She didn't seem to. She didn't seem to grasp that it

00:38:40,240 --> 00:38:47,120
was Google causing these misunderstandings. And so she would say something outrageous to me,

00:38:48,240 --> 00:38:54,160
and I would be like, oh, Google fucked that up. And I would say something that turned out to be

00:38:54,160 --> 00:39:03,040
totally outrageous to her. And she thought that I meant what I said. And then she would fire back

00:39:03,040 --> 00:39:11,520
with some insulting, angry thing, which probably was going to get screwed up in Google also.

00:39:12,560 --> 00:39:18,480
And really, really quickly over about three or four or five exchanges in the back of a taxi,

00:39:18,480 --> 00:39:26,080
or in a mall, in a restaurant, whatever, she would be reduced to screaming apoplexy

00:39:27,360 --> 00:39:31,520
because she thought that I was such a dickhead. I was saying horrible things to her.

00:39:32,720 --> 00:39:39,280
And I wasn't, I was as nice and sweet as any human could possibly be, but Google was fucking it up.

00:39:42,720 --> 00:39:46,080
And I couldn't get that across to her. I would say Google made mistake.

00:39:46,080 --> 00:39:50,240
And that just never really seemed to register. Maybe it registered a little bit, but she couldn't

00:39:50,240 --> 00:39:55,120
imagine that Google could be that wrong. I'm positive I was the first filanx she had ever

00:39:55,120 --> 00:40:00,000
tried to communicate with in this way. Maybe later with other filanx or other people she figured this

00:40:00,000 --> 00:40:08,480
out. So very often, once or twice or three times a day, we would end up, I mean, you can't have big

00:40:08,480 --> 00:40:16,640
fights, you know. She ties don't do screaming stuff, but we would have screaming silent exchanges

00:40:16,640 --> 00:40:21,840
across Google. And then we would both end up just sitting in the back of the taxi with our arms

00:40:21,840 --> 00:40:34,080
folded, phone turned off, silent, you know. Then after an hour, we'd try it again. And those

00:40:34,080 --> 00:40:38,400
exchanges got more and more frequent and they got worse and worse as we tried to communicate more

00:40:38,400 --> 00:40:45,520
ideas through Google Translate. Everybody I know has the same trouble. This was not a one-off.

00:40:45,520 --> 00:40:55,120
Everybody. We had one translator for a while that was a little bit better, I think maybe. I think

00:40:55,120 --> 00:41:08,880
they actually used ties to do the translations. And it was somewhat better, but still not very good.

00:41:09,840 --> 00:41:18,400
But it was unreliable. Google was there all the time. And our relationship deteriorated.

00:41:18,400 --> 00:41:23,120
And it got to the point where I was beginning to realize, well, I don't really have a relationship

00:41:23,120 --> 00:41:28,000
here in Bangkok anymore. And all I had seen around me was hookers and

00:41:31,120 --> 00:41:37,360
scammers and can you give me money, please? And can we go to your condo right now? You know,

00:41:37,360 --> 00:41:44,320
that's pretty much all I'd seen in Bangkok. The nice girls won't talk to you, especially if you're

00:41:44,320 --> 00:41:50,080
not fluent in Thai. So you're not going to, if you're not fluent in Thai, you're not going to meet them.

00:41:53,200 --> 00:41:57,040
So they're going to be invisible to you. All you're going to meet is the scammers and prostitutes.

00:41:59,360 --> 00:42:04,960
And that's true in most other countries, even in the Philippines, where English,

00:42:04,960 --> 00:42:12,480
quote unquote, is their biggest second language. Well, it is, but it's still very, very rare.

00:42:12,480 --> 00:42:18,240
It is, but it's still very, very, very poorly done. Cambodia claims it speaks English well,

00:42:20,320 --> 00:42:26,720
not as well as Philippines. Philippines is not good. It's really not good.

00:42:28,960 --> 00:42:34,640
So our relationship got more and more and more strained. And finally I thought, well, okay,

00:42:34,640 --> 00:42:41,040
I'm not thriving here in Bangkok. It's too foreign. I can't find enough English to get anything done,

00:42:41,040 --> 00:42:46,480
to do anything. I've been here a couple of months. I can't meet any friends.

00:42:48,400 --> 00:42:52,320
I've seen all the touristy things and all the non-touristy things.

00:42:54,960 --> 00:42:58,320
Maybe it's time to go look at some other part of Thailand.

00:42:58,320 --> 00:43:02,320
I can't base my whole... I'm still deciding whether or not to stay there.

00:43:04,480 --> 00:43:12,160
And I can't base that decision on just Bangkok. So I was sitting in the hotel lobby one day

00:43:14,160 --> 00:43:18,720
and figuring my relationship with that girl was, you know, probably over 98%.

00:43:19,360 --> 00:43:25,280
And there had been a clerk in the hotel who had been really nice, really sweet to me. She yelled,

00:43:25,280 --> 00:43:31,120
teensy little bit of English. God, it was terrible, but you know, more than anybody else in the hotel.

00:43:32,800 --> 00:43:38,720
And she kept smiling and giving me the eye and waving and stuff like that all the time I'd been

00:43:38,720 --> 00:43:44,560
there. And so I was sitting in the lobby one day just feeling dejected and thinking, well, what the

00:43:44,560 --> 00:43:51,680
hell? Maybe it's time to go. I don't know where to go. I don't know what's out there. I, you know,

00:43:51,680 --> 00:43:57,360
going back to the U.S. was really not an option. I, jeez, I've been trying all my life to get out

00:43:57,360 --> 00:44:03,840
of there and I'm out. Now, why would I go back? You know, it still had stuff ahead of me that might

00:44:03,840 --> 00:44:12,000
be doable. And I was sitting there, I guess I looked pretty bad. Anyway, the same girl came

00:44:12,000 --> 00:44:17,600
over, the hotel clerk, and she sat down next to me and put her hand on my leg. And

00:44:17,600 --> 00:44:24,960
how are you, Susty-Kong? And we kind of talked a teensy little bit. And

00:44:28,000 --> 00:44:33,040
I thought, well, you know, she wants something and she's already got a job, so she's not going to

00:44:33,040 --> 00:44:40,000
ask me for money. She had never asked me to go to my room, you know, maybe possibly this could be a

00:44:40,000 --> 00:44:49,600
nice girl. Not a bar girl, certainly not a street hooker, not a freelancer, nice, really pretty girl.

00:44:50,560 --> 00:44:54,400
She'd always been extra nice to me. And I thought, well,

00:44:56,800 --> 00:45:00,320
maybe I should pursue this one just a teeny little bit, see what happens.

00:45:00,320 --> 00:45:05,280
And we talked for quite a while there in the lobby, probably an hour. I don't know how she

00:45:05,280 --> 00:45:14,160
got away from the desk that long, but nobody said anything. And then after an hour, she finally

00:45:15,200 --> 00:45:22,800
revealed her reason for being there, talking to me. And it was to sell me a tour package.

00:45:22,800 --> 00:45:30,400
Oh yeah. No, you're not a scammer, but you know, you're a spammer. You know.

00:45:33,520 --> 00:45:40,320
Yeah. Oh God. So I said no, done talking. She went away.

00:45:40,320 --> 00:45:51,600
And then I thought, well, okay, now it's really time to get out. Bangkok is just not working out

00:45:51,600 --> 00:46:01,600
for me. And so I sent one last email message or whatever to the girl from before. And I said,

00:46:01,600 --> 00:46:10,320
I think I'm ready to leave Bangkok. I don't like it anymore. I'm not happy here. I want to see new

00:46:10,320 --> 00:46:17,040
things in Thailand, all around Southeast Asia. And I thought, let's give this one last shot.

00:46:18,560 --> 00:46:24,560
I said, would you like to go? And she wrote back and said, well, I can't go.

00:46:24,560 --> 00:46:31,120
I don't have any money to go. And I said, well, that's fine. I understand you don't have any money.

00:46:32,000 --> 00:46:40,000
You can stop your work. I'll give you an allowance. And we'll just travel and we'll see Thailand.

00:46:41,840 --> 00:46:46,800
We'll see what can happen between us. We'll just see. If you don't like it,

00:46:46,800 --> 00:46:55,600
come back to Bangkok. I'll give you money. And she fired back and she said, how dare you offer to buy

00:46:55,600 --> 00:47:03,920
me? Oh, I hate you, you stupid fool. Oh, I hate you. She just rattled on like that. I don't think I

00:47:03,920 --> 00:47:11,200
read it all. I just blocked it. And so she went back to Bangkok. And she said, I don't like it.

00:47:11,200 --> 00:47:18,080
I don't think I read it all. I just blocked it. And so that was the end of Bangkok for me.

00:47:19,760 --> 00:47:26,880
Never saw her again. I missed the friendship. I wish it would have worked out. If not for the

00:47:26,880 --> 00:47:31,840
language, I think almost certainly it would have. It would have been fine. I might be still with her.

00:47:34,240 --> 00:47:40,160
The language was the problem. And then Google was the exacerbating factor on top of that,

00:47:40,160 --> 00:47:50,880
making the language problem 140 times worse. Google makes many, many things, maybe most things worse.

00:47:53,440 --> 00:47:58,160
Because that's a company of morons as far as I'm concerned. What do they do that's good? Well,

00:47:58,160 --> 00:48:07,280
my email is pretty reliable. Search engine is pretty good now. In the early days it sucked. When

00:48:07,280 --> 00:48:12,480
they first launched it, it was terrible. It was just as bad as anybody else. Now it's pretty good.

00:48:12,480 --> 00:48:22,080
Search engine is pretty good. But it's not that good. So I don't know what Google does to enhance

00:48:22,080 --> 00:48:34,640
my life, except complicated and cause trouble. Anyway, so I went to, I guess the hotel manager

00:48:34,640 --> 00:48:43,600
or something. And while I was like three or four up there and between them all, each one knew one of

00:48:43,600 --> 00:48:48,400
the English words I was using. And so we were able to have kind of a conversation. And I said, well,

00:48:48,400 --> 00:48:53,840
I'm ready to leave Bangkok. I don't know where to go. Can you recommend someplace that's nice?

00:48:55,120 --> 00:49:00,560
And they said something like, well, we can see that you, since you don't know Thai,

00:49:00,560 --> 00:49:07,280
you are really struggling here. You need to have English in your life. You know, if you want to

00:49:07,280 --> 00:49:12,480
learn Thai later on, well, maybe that's okay. But right now you don't know any Thai and you're having

00:49:12,480 --> 00:49:16,720
a hard time in life and you need to be where there's English. And I agreed like, yeah, yeah,

00:49:17,600 --> 00:49:22,880
I think you're right. I think you're right. And they named some town and they said, well, if you

00:49:22,880 --> 00:49:28,560
go here, it's pretty, it's quieter than Bangkok. It's a lot cheaper than Bangkok.

00:49:28,560 --> 00:49:35,440
There's some tourists there and there's a lot of English. Everybody speaks English.

00:49:39,200 --> 00:49:47,520
And I thought, well, what the fuck? Why not? Yeah, whatever. Okay. And I said, okay,

00:49:47,520 --> 00:49:56,320
tomorrow I can go. Can you arrange a cab? And they said, yeah. So the normal fare to go down there

00:49:56,320 --> 00:50:04,720
was about a thousand baht. I didn't know at the time. They arranged a cab for me for like 2,700

00:50:04,720 --> 00:50:10,320
baht. And they said, well, that's the best price you're going to get. Well, they paid the thousand

00:50:10,320 --> 00:50:18,400
and they pocketed the rest. Welcome to Thailand. And so anyway, he showed up in the morning,

00:50:18,400 --> 00:50:23,600
packed my stuff, went down on the way down. I got across to him that I needed a hotel. Well,

00:50:23,600 --> 00:50:26,960
he had said, what, where are you going? I said, well, the name of this town. And he said, do you

00:50:26,960 --> 00:50:33,440
have a hotel? No. So we're thinking about that all the way down. And he finally suggested one.

00:50:34,240 --> 00:50:40,160
Okay. Whatever. Now in the U S you can ask a cab driver, do you know a hotel that's like this?

00:50:40,160 --> 00:50:47,600
It's not too expensive, not too cheap. And they'll say, well, we'll see. I can think of one or two

00:50:47,600 --> 00:50:53,440
places that might work for you. They'll recommend a place or two and you can drive by and look at

00:50:53,440 --> 00:50:57,520
them and stuff like that. And it's pretty, it's a pretty doable thing to ask a cabbie for

00:50:58,400 --> 00:51:03,280
a recommendation for a hotel. And in Thailand, you don't do it. You don't do it. You don't do it.

00:51:03,280 --> 00:51:07,280
Not one time. You don't do it. I don't care who you are, what you, I don't care. You don't do it.

00:51:08,080 --> 00:51:11,840
You don't ask them to take you some, some place on their recommendation.

00:51:14,080 --> 00:51:20,640
There's a whole host of reasons why you don't do it, but you don't do it. Give birth, give birth,

00:51:20,640 --> 00:51:28,480
not one time. But I didn't know that. And this guy says, yeah, I know a hotel. Okay. Yeah,

00:51:28,480 --> 00:51:35,840
I'll take care of you. Don't worry. So, shit. So we go to his recommended hotel, get there late afternoon

00:51:37,920 --> 00:51:46,080
and he helps me with my bags and walks in with me to the desk and they hand him,

00:51:46,080 --> 00:51:52,640
I can't remember, 300 baht, 500 baht, something like that. Well, it was his little payback hotel

00:51:52,640 --> 00:51:59,920
for bringing guests there. He got a little kick back. Okay. So it turned out to be a,

00:51:59,920 --> 00:52:07,280
hey, it wasn't a horrible hotel, a little bit expensive. It was okay. Right downtown,

00:52:07,280 --> 00:52:16,640
right in the middle of the busiest touristy section. And I settled in there, paid for a month, I think.

00:52:16,640 --> 00:52:20,800
And by that time, when that month ran out, I was going to have to do something about a visa.

00:52:22,960 --> 00:52:27,280
I figured, well, okay, this is going to tell me once and for all, am I going to stay in Thailand

00:52:27,280 --> 00:52:39,040
or not? And so I settled into that hotel and then started venturing out to look around.

00:52:43,200 --> 00:52:51,760
It was night and day from Bangkok. It was, I don't know, 10 or 15 or 20 times busier,

00:52:51,760 --> 00:53:07,760
a whole different crowd of people. Activity level was incomprehensible. 500 times more girls.

00:53:11,280 --> 00:53:14,960
It was so overwhelming to me that I couldn't stay out more than about 10 minutes.

00:53:14,960 --> 00:53:23,360
I'd go out, stand by the main street, look around, maybe buy a Coke,

00:53:27,200 --> 00:53:32,960
look around some more. I would be so into sensory overload that I just went back in the hotel,

00:53:32,960 --> 00:53:40,480
laid down on bed, talked to my family. And I did that for, I don't know, like a week.

00:53:40,480 --> 00:53:44,880
I would walk a little farther each time. It took me a while to get to the point where I walked a

00:53:44,880 --> 00:53:55,440
whole block and then came back. It was so alien. It was all I could process.

00:53:58,400 --> 00:54:02,080
Okay, now I see that and you're thinking, well, what the hell is he talking about? Oh, I must be

00:54:02,080 --> 00:54:09,280
a wussy. Oh, shit. Okay, I need to quantify that. How can I, how can I,

00:54:09,280 --> 00:54:17,680
how can I describe that? I don't even know. And this is the problem I've always run into,

00:54:17,680 --> 00:54:21,760
you know, friends from the US or whatever country, they would say, what's it like in Thailand?

00:54:23,280 --> 00:54:26,320
I say, well, it's overwhelming. It's bizarre. It's crazy. It's a,

00:54:26,320 --> 00:54:40,400
I, it's another planet. And they're like, well, what does that mean? I don't even know how to

00:54:40,400 --> 00:54:46,960
describe it. The smells, I guess, probably the first thing that hit you, the smells,

00:54:47,600 --> 00:54:51,360
good and bad and ugly. Traffic was

00:54:51,360 --> 00:54:58,640
helter skelter. Four lane Boulevard in front.

00:55:03,680 --> 00:55:07,840
Look at the pictures. Okay, here, this is for the visuals. All you can do is look at the pictures

00:55:07,840 --> 00:55:14,320
on Scroll down until you get to, you know, page one, page two, page three,

00:55:14,320 --> 00:55:21,760
like that. There's about 60 pages and so many more to post. I just got around to it. But those

00:55:21,760 --> 00:55:27,840
will give you some ideas of the visuals. I should have taken a lot more videos. It's a video world

00:55:27,840 --> 00:55:35,280
now. I retired as a photographer. I was not a videographer. I should have been, and I should

00:55:35,280 --> 00:55:42,000
be now. I should just concentrate on video because that's the world now. Video. I'm trying,

00:55:42,000 --> 00:55:46,000
I'm trying to make that switch over, you know, old dogs, new tricks, you know, like that.

00:55:49,440 --> 00:55:53,360
So look through those pictures. You'll get an idea. You cannot possibly get the smells.

00:55:53,360 --> 00:56:00,320
You cannot feel the heat. You cannot hear the sounds. Oh, you need video. Video will give you

00:56:02,400 --> 00:56:04,160
more dimensions, except for the smells.

00:56:04,160 --> 00:56:11,840
Smells are a huge part of it because the smells, you know, your nasal sensors are right there next

00:56:11,840 --> 00:56:18,080
to your brain. A couple of things will hit you throughout your life. You hear a piece of music

00:56:19,360 --> 00:56:25,280
after about the first 10 notes. Oh my God, you're back. You're back to wherever that song had

00:56:25,280 --> 00:56:30,800
meaning to you. You are back there, transported magically. Okay. Smells are the same way. You smell

00:56:30,800 --> 00:56:37,760
something you haven't smelled for 50 years. You're back there. You're instantly back where you were

00:56:37,760 --> 00:56:46,080
when you smelled that before. These are all new alien smells. So they're just overloading you.

00:56:46,080 --> 00:56:55,600
Your brain is close to implosion. A little Titan brain, you know, too much pressure on it.

00:56:55,600 --> 00:57:03,600
Traffic was... people more or less stayed on their side of the street. Not really, not that much.

00:57:05,040 --> 00:57:10,960
Predominantly, but not, you know, certainly not totally. Somebody wants to go somewhere

00:57:10,960 --> 00:57:14,400
over there or they just drive down the wrong side of the road till they get there. People

00:57:14,400 --> 00:57:21,840
got to swirl around them. You know, it's a lot of people. You know, it's a lot of people.

00:57:21,840 --> 00:57:28,560
People got to swirl around them. Soy dogs everywhere. They'll bite you. Half of them are rabid.

00:57:30,720 --> 00:57:40,160
Scroungy mangy hairless motherfuckers. They're bad. Don't ever kick one because then they will bite

00:57:40,160 --> 00:57:45,520
you and the friends will come and bite you. I got along with them pretty good because number one,

00:57:45,520 --> 00:57:54,320
I loved all dogs, pretty much all animals except for snakes. So they could tell that I loved them.

00:57:54,320 --> 00:57:58,240
Even if a pack of them came at me with the intention to tear me to smithereens,

00:57:58,240 --> 00:58:05,360
they could feel that I loved them. And that almost always just stopped them.

00:58:06,240 --> 00:58:11,040
What is this? What? He loves us? What the hell? What the hell? Okay, it doesn't always stop them.

00:58:11,040 --> 00:58:18,640
Don't count on that. But later after I'd been there a while, I started carrying little buggies of food

00:58:20,640 --> 00:58:25,120
and that would pretty much always stop them. You know, they're coming over, they're massing,

00:58:25,120 --> 00:58:30,160
they're in a semi-circle around you and they're just daring each other. Bite that fucker, bite

00:58:30,160 --> 00:58:33,920
that fucker. Come on, you do it, I'll do it. You know, like that. And you pull out a little

00:58:33,920 --> 00:58:43,920
baggie and you drop it on the ground like, oh, what? Well, okay, Bob, we'll bite him after we eat this

00:58:43,920 --> 00:58:48,160
shit, you know. And then after they eat that shit, they're like, well, maybe he's got some more,

00:58:48,160 --> 00:58:53,280
you know, let's not bite him yet. Let's see if he's got more. You know, kind of like that.

00:58:53,280 --> 00:58:56,640
I got myself out of so many soy dog situations like that. It was just absurd.

00:58:56,640 --> 00:59:04,080
I never really, well, not really, I never had any serious trouble with soy dogs. Every day I knew

00:59:04,080 --> 00:59:10,000
that bit, you know, they're in there for the 29 maybe shots in the stomach, you know, shit like that.

00:59:11,920 --> 00:59:16,240
I never, no, I did get bit. I was on my little e-scooter one day, I got bit.

00:59:17,280 --> 00:59:20,080
I had a little tiny terrier piece of shit, lived in a home

00:59:20,080 --> 00:59:26,400
and I didn't go get checked because I figured, well, he's probably safe. I should have gone to

00:59:26,400 --> 00:59:33,040
the hospital and got the shots and made him come and get the dog and cut his brain open. You know,

00:59:33,040 --> 00:59:36,640
I should have done that because he's, okay, that's a whole other story. But

00:59:39,760 --> 00:59:43,280
not too many cats there because the dogs eat them all.

00:59:43,280 --> 00:59:50,720
The girls, both the street prostitutes and the other kinds of freelancers and

00:59:51,600 --> 00:59:55,280
pretty much any girl in that town was for hire. Pretty much,

00:59:56,400 --> 00:59:59,200
God, it would have been really rare that the girls there weren't for hire.

01:00:02,960 --> 01:00:07,760
I'm not sure I ever saw it. I mean, I didn't approach them all for, you know, but

01:00:07,760 --> 01:00:15,840
pretty much all of them, I would say, even the old fat ones were available. You know, they are.

01:00:15,840 --> 01:00:24,800
I'm sorry. That was the currency. Sex was the currency. The incredible mix of foreigners

01:00:24,800 --> 01:00:28,000
everywhere, most of whom didn't speak English,

01:00:28,000 --> 01:00:35,600
we'll talk about types of foreigners there at some point. And I just keep coming back to the

01:00:35,600 --> 01:00:44,000
smells, the food and the poop, scrumptious food smells and then nauseating poop smells. And just

01:00:44,000 --> 01:00:47,760
go back and forth depending on which way the wind wafts at any given moment.

01:00:49,360 --> 01:00:55,040
I don't know if you've ever seen a dog that's been in a car accident or something like that.

01:00:55,040 --> 01:01:01,040
The wind wafts at any given moment. The heat, everything smelled like wet jungle.

01:01:07,120 --> 01:01:11,280
Interestingly, the traffic is not allowed in Thailand. The Thais don't honk hardly at all.

01:01:11,920 --> 01:01:18,080
It's considered very rude and we'll get you shot. Thais don't honk. Vietnamese

01:01:18,080 --> 01:01:27,520
honk for fun. I have literally, truthfully watched Vietnamese driving down the main

01:01:27,520 --> 01:01:33,600
boulevards of Saigon early in the morning, not a car in fucking sight. And they're on that horn.

01:01:34,720 --> 01:01:39,040
Nobody in front of them. I mean, for 200 yards, nobody in front of them, nobody behind them,

01:01:39,040 --> 01:01:43,120
nobody going the other way, nobody doing anything, no dogs, no people wanting to cross the street.

01:01:43,120 --> 01:01:49,280
There's no one around and they're just on that horn. Seen that a lot of times in Saigon and Vietnam.

01:01:50,480 --> 01:01:56,640
In Thailand, they don't honk. If anybody's honking, it's going to be some goddamn fucking fat Brit,

01:01:57,280 --> 01:02:07,680
pretty much every time. So in this little town, there were lots and lots of places where you

01:02:07,680 --> 01:02:18,960
could get drinks and eat. Menus were often or usually in English or they had both. So you

01:02:18,960 --> 01:02:22,640
actually had some idea what the hell you were going to order. That was amazing to me.

01:02:24,720 --> 01:02:30,000
Still every third entree is going to be no have, you know, because that's just the Thai way,

01:02:30,000 --> 01:02:38,400
Southeast Asian way. Every country is the same. Food was passable. It was really cheap.

01:02:43,600 --> 01:02:51,200
When the sun went down, it was, let's see, let's see. Oh my God. That makes me miss it right now.

01:02:52,880 --> 01:02:57,280
I mean, that's a very concentrated evil. You know, you can only take so much of that for any

01:02:57,280 --> 01:03:01,600
given period of time, but I've been away from it for a year and so now I miss it.

01:03:02,320 --> 01:03:06,240
Now I miss it. You know, if I was back in it for one evening, I would have enough and I'd have to

01:03:06,240 --> 01:03:12,400
go away again. But you talk about excitement, especially when it's brand new to you,

01:03:13,680 --> 01:03:15,440
as it was to me at that time, brand new.

01:03:15,440 --> 01:03:28,880
It was absolutely, the first few weeks there, first months there were absolutely the most exciting

01:03:28,880 --> 01:03:38,480
time of my life in any country, anywhere in the world. It was, every single moment was

01:03:38,480 --> 01:03:47,520
pretty close to thrilling and some of them were actually thrilling. My God, what an experience it was.

01:03:50,000 --> 01:03:54,320
And of course, as always, you know, familiarity breeds contempt and it starts to wear off.

01:03:57,360 --> 01:04:03,440
I don't think I ever felt contempt. I just, you know, you can only take so much sensory input and

01:04:03,440 --> 01:04:09,200
then it starts to wear off. It's the same sensory input, but you're used to it now. It's not so new.

01:04:09,200 --> 01:04:15,040
It's not so fresh. It's not so thrilling, but it's still pretty good. Pretty good. Pretty good.

01:04:16,560 --> 01:04:22,720
And you're thinking, if I would have had to leave Thailand at that time for some reason,

01:04:22,720 --> 01:04:26,880
I would have cried my eyes out. I don't know that I would have wanted to live.

01:04:27,840 --> 01:04:31,120
I mean that honestly. If I would have had to go back to the US right then,

01:04:31,120 --> 01:04:37,280
I don't know that I would have. If there was just no choice but to go back, you know, 10 guys with

01:04:37,280 --> 01:04:43,040
guns and they're going to tie me up and put me on a plane, take me back, I don't know that I would

01:04:43,040 --> 01:04:48,480
have wanted to live. Because to me that was life. That was the beginning of real life

01:04:48,480 --> 01:04:50,480
that I'd never really experienced before.

01:04:50,480 --> 01:04:59,280
Wow. So I hung out there and I walked around. I walked farther and farther and farther.

01:05:00,640 --> 01:05:04,480
Had my big cameras started clicking, just clicking, clicking, clicking.

01:05:06,960 --> 01:05:13,920
And it's like, I'm going to go back to the US. I'm going to go back to the US. I'm going to go back

01:05:13,920 --> 01:05:24,880
and click, just clicking, clicking, clicking. And food was okay. Health was good. Plenty of money,

01:05:24,880 --> 01:05:34,400
lots and lots of money. And I started trying this cafe and that cafe. They're very vast majority of

01:05:34,400 --> 01:05:41,440
them are open. Open on sides. I mean, a lot of them are just have one side and they're open on

01:05:41,440 --> 01:05:45,120
three sides because it's just hot. They don't want to pay for air conditioning. So they just leave

01:05:45,120 --> 01:05:48,800
them open and let the breeze blow through and they got fans. They got fans every, that's one

01:05:48,800 --> 01:05:55,600
thing in the Philippines that ticks me off. They don't have fans. Nobody has fans. Thailand's got

01:05:55,600 --> 01:06:04,400
fan everywhere because they work and they're cheap. Fan is a really, really cheap to run.

01:06:04,400 --> 01:06:11,120
Air conditioners are horribly expensive to run. But fans use almost no power. They just

01:06:11,120 --> 01:06:14,560
have use almost nothing. They're very cheap. So they use them. They're smart.

01:06:17,120 --> 01:06:22,240
So I would sit at these various places. Usually you get a stool and a counter and I would sit next

01:06:22,240 --> 01:06:27,360
to the streets and watch the people, just watch the people. And every few minutes some girl would

01:06:27,360 --> 01:06:36,000
come and offer herself. And I said, no, thank you. My old cup can curve. And when you're polite about

01:06:36,000 --> 01:06:42,240
it, God, they love you more. If you just wave them off, brush them off. Well, that's rude.

01:06:43,680 --> 01:06:46,400
You know, yes, they're prostitutes. Yes, they're sluts. Yes, they're,

01:06:47,680 --> 01:06:57,520
they're whatever, but they're offering you their body, which actually is connected to their

01:06:57,520 --> 01:07:05,680
soul. Okay. And you don't take that lightly. Maybe they do. Doesn't mean you have to.

01:07:07,120 --> 01:07:10,960
Maybe they don't even understand what they're offering you, but you can understand it.

01:07:11,520 --> 01:07:20,160
You got a brain. Don't be rude. Fuck. Take that rude fucking shit, shove it up your ass and stay

01:07:20,160 --> 01:07:29,520
in America, stay in England. When they offer you something, you say, my old cup can curve. Thank

01:07:29,520 --> 01:07:37,680
you. Thank you. No, not today. And they'll give you a little why, maybe a little curtsy thing, a bow,

01:07:38,720 --> 01:07:44,800
and then move on to the next. What reason do you have for making them feel like shit?

01:07:44,800 --> 01:07:49,600
Okay. The Brits do this. They just wave them off. Fuck you. Get out of here. Fucking whore.

01:07:51,040 --> 01:07:59,040
Talk to Brits. Really? I said this a thousand times. When I first went there,

01:07:59,040 --> 01:08:02,160
I had no experience with Brits at all. I don't think I'd ever known one.

01:08:05,680 --> 01:08:12,080
And after, I don't know, about 800,000 to 900,000 experiences watching Brits be assholes,

01:08:12,080 --> 01:08:20,320
I learned about Brits. They taught me well, and it was relentless. And now my hatred for them is

01:08:21,680 --> 01:08:32,320
pretty much total for the Brits in Southeast Asia, not for normal Brits in Britain, England.

01:08:32,320 --> 01:08:36,480
The ones that go to Southeast Asia are a different breed. There are a certain

01:08:37,600 --> 01:08:45,840
tiny little strata of Brits in England, and they're the scum of the scum. They're the worst.

01:08:45,840 --> 01:09:02,880
They're the worst element of England. My real downside to Southeast Asia for me is the Brits.

01:09:02,880 --> 01:09:07,600
Well, the Phalangs in general, but the Brits especially. And I've said I know lots of people

01:09:07,600 --> 01:09:14,000
who just left Southeast Asia, maybe went to South Africa, maybe went to the United States,

01:09:14,000 --> 01:09:18,960
East Asia, maybe went to South America, something like that, because they couldn't stand the Brits.

01:09:20,240 --> 01:09:26,640
If they're polite, intelligent people, you're not going to be happy with the Brits.

01:09:31,120 --> 01:09:35,200
The Russians are another factor. They're completely different than the Brits,

01:09:35,200 --> 01:09:39,680
completely different, but they are as annoying, almost as annoying.

01:09:39,680 --> 01:09:48,000
The Brits, I mean the Russians, I'm sorry, they aren't... Oh God, they're about 1% as mouthy as

01:09:48,000 --> 01:10:06,080
the Brits. They're thieving, scamming, violent assholes like Klingons, but they're not mouthy

01:10:06,080 --> 01:10:12,240
like the Brits. And the Brits... It's one thing to be mouthy and back it up. The Brits are mouthy

01:10:12,240 --> 01:10:19,840
and they won't back it up. They're just fat pudding headed. No, that's enough Brit fashion. Jesus

01:10:19,840 --> 01:10:22,640
Christ. You go live there for 10 years and then you tell me you love the Brits.

01:10:24,160 --> 01:10:31,040
Maybe you're one of them. He says, God, they drove me crazy. They drive everybody crazy.

01:10:31,040 --> 01:10:39,680
And they are the biggest reason why Thailand especially has soured on Phalangs, because they

01:10:39,680 --> 01:10:45,440
see how the Brits act and they think, oh, that's how all Phalangs act. They don't understand that

01:10:45,440 --> 01:10:52,160
England is a tiny little place in Western Europe. It doesn't represent all Phalangs.

01:10:52,960 --> 01:10:57,440
They just see the Brits acting badly and they think, oh, okay, now I understand what

01:10:57,440 --> 01:11:02,000
Phalangs are like. Oh yeah, they're fucked. Okay, we don't want them here. Okay, so that's what has

01:11:02,000 --> 01:11:10,320
happened over the years. And now, well, in the tourist areas especially, Phalangs are barely

01:11:10,320 --> 01:11:22,000
welcome. They're treated badly, rudely, mostly due to the behavior of the Brits. Jesus Christ.

01:11:22,000 --> 01:11:32,720
Jesus Christ. In all fairness, among Phalangs, Pharangs, there are more Brits in Thailand than

01:11:32,720 --> 01:11:41,680
any other Pharang, because it's pretty close to England. So it's easier for them to come.

01:11:42,480 --> 01:11:48,080
There's a lot of Germans there. The Germans, nobody likes the Germans either, but they pretty

01:11:48,080 --> 01:11:56,080
much stay to themselves. They're somewhat intelligent. They're really super anal-retentive.

01:12:01,040 --> 01:12:07,040
I had trouble with one German. He was a landlord, anal-retentive piece of shit, screwed me on my

01:12:07,040 --> 01:12:19,440
deposit. Okay, so I hung around in that town for a while. So at this point, we're, I don't know,

01:12:19,440 --> 01:12:26,400
probably seven months after I lost my wife. And I'm feeling lonely because I had had her for 40

01:12:26,400 --> 01:12:34,800
years. We were close, close. You know, if one of us had to travel somewhere, we'd be in a

01:12:34,800 --> 01:12:44,640
real. So I was feeling lonely, but I had never taken a prostitute in my life and had no intention

01:12:44,640 --> 01:12:50,800
to, no desire to, what the hell, what the, what, for what? Go look at porn if I want to see naked

01:12:50,800 --> 01:12:58,960
girls. You know, a picture in a porn video has the same soul. I'm going to get as many

01:12:58,960 --> 01:13:05,920
of an exchange from the soul of a picture as I'm going to get from a prostitute.

01:13:07,520 --> 01:13:15,120
Well, not really, but kind of seemed that way. I wanted an exchange of souls, not an exchange of

01:13:15,120 --> 01:13:21,920
bodies. I just was never worried that way in my life. Never was, never.

01:13:21,920 --> 01:13:27,520
And there were plenty of times I wished I was because life might have been easier, don't you?

01:13:30,000 --> 01:13:34,240
Some ways it might have been. Anyway, so I,

01:13:36,800 --> 01:13:42,160
I finally found a restaurant slash bar. It was open on one time,

01:13:42,160 --> 01:13:51,760
two sides on a busy soy. And I made it a point every day to stop in five or eight different

01:13:51,760 --> 01:14:00,320
places like that and just have a coke. I didn't drink, I don't drink. What's a great well? Great,

01:14:00,320 --> 01:14:07,920
great one. Once a year. And I was like, I'm going to go to a bar. I'm going to go to a

01:14:07,920 --> 01:14:17,040
bar. What's a great well? Great, great one. Once a year. And so I was doing the Goldilocks thing.

01:14:17,040 --> 01:14:21,920
You know, this bed is too soft. This one's too hard. You know, looking for places that would

01:14:21,920 --> 01:14:30,800
be comfortable to hang out. And I found this one bar slash restaurant. And it had a lot of stools

01:14:30,800 --> 01:14:40,160
lining the soy at a counter. And I could sit there or whatever I wanted and watch the people,

01:14:40,160 --> 01:14:44,720
just endlessly watch the people and take pictures. And I was in hog heaven.

01:14:46,640 --> 01:14:53,120
Truly in hog heaven. A little bit of jungly stuff right kind of around the building. And so,

01:14:53,120 --> 01:15:00,000
you know, you didn't feel like you were totally in the middle of the city. And you were, but

01:15:00,720 --> 01:15:04,880
vegetation I'd never seen before. Really lush, beautiful vegetation that made it feel exotic

01:15:04,880 --> 01:15:13,840
and smells and sights. And it was a lady bar, which pretty much every bar, I don't think pretty

01:15:13,840 --> 01:15:20,480
much. I think every bar, it's not an exception, was a lady bar in that town. So they always had

01:15:20,480 --> 01:15:30,960
lots and lots of ladies available for hire if you wanted to. And occasionally, not occasionally,

01:15:30,960 --> 01:15:37,120
I don't know, two or three times an hour, I suppose, one of them would come over and sit down

01:15:37,120 --> 01:15:43,920
and want to talk and, you know, can you buy me a drink? Well, no, I'm sorry. They talk for a minute

01:15:43,920 --> 01:15:47,600
anywhere, a few minutes or sometimes a fricking half an hour, you know. And their English was

01:15:47,600 --> 01:15:52,720
better because they had been fucking lots and lots and lots of flangs and they had learned English.

01:15:53,840 --> 01:16:00,000
And you could talk to him a little bit. You weren't going to have any intellectual,

01:16:00,000 --> 01:16:05,520
philosophical conversations, but pass the time a day a little bit. And then when they finally figured

01:16:05,520 --> 01:16:10,000
out you're not going to buy them a lady drink and you're not going to take them, then they'd

01:16:10,720 --> 01:16:15,200
give you a nice little why and a little bow and they'd go off and look for somebody who would be

01:16:15,200 --> 01:16:22,000
a customer. And that was fine. That gave me a little teeny little bit of companionship. Girls

01:16:22,000 --> 01:16:31,600
were all gorgeous, gorgeous. And that's how I passed most of the next month, just hanging out

01:16:31,600 --> 01:16:36,480
there and a few other places, but a lot of time there. So everybody got to know me.

01:16:36,480 --> 01:16:43,840
And it was fine. It was a good life. I was happy. I was pretty happy. I was still lonely. I still

01:16:43,840 --> 01:16:50,880
wanted, quote unquote, a real relationship. But even a friend, you know, even just a friend,

01:16:51,520 --> 01:16:58,400
just somebody, somebody in my life. But I wasn't going to go the prostitute thing,

01:16:58,400 --> 01:17:04,640
just go there. I was going to go to the bar, go to the bar, go to the bar, go to the bar.

01:17:04,640 --> 01:17:09,120
And I was going to go to the prostitute thing, just go there. I just couldn't, I was just sort of genetically

01:17:09,120 --> 01:17:14,800
prevented from doing it. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't do it. I just wired in a very strange way,

01:17:15,440 --> 01:17:27,520
which has vexed me all my life. And then it got to the point where I had to make a decision

01:17:27,520 --> 01:17:35,600
because my, the last of my visas was just about up, about a week left. And I'm thinking, okay,

01:17:35,600 --> 01:17:41,040
well now it's crunch time. What the hell are you going to do? Paisano. You got to stay here a while

01:17:41,600 --> 01:17:45,200
or are you going to go to another country? Well, it was a pretty, pretty much a no-brainer.

01:17:45,840 --> 01:17:52,560
I was happy. Still in that same hotel. It was okay. A lot of it was kind of raucous at night,

01:17:52,560 --> 01:18:04,720
but not that bad, you know. And it was okay. So I decided, okay, I've got to go get a real visa.

01:18:06,160 --> 01:18:13,040
And I thought, oh God, this is going to suck. This is going to be fucked up. And I was in a,

01:18:13,040 --> 01:18:21,600
I was in a gentleman's club. I met some guy in a gentleman's club. He was a doctor from Australia.

01:18:22,640 --> 01:18:25,600
And I told you his story earlier, in one of the early ones,

01:18:27,280 --> 01:18:31,840
about the lady he took to Australia, found her in the back of the cab.

01:18:31,840 --> 01:18:45,200
So I met that guy about this time. And the subject of visas came up. And I'm thinking,

01:18:45,200 --> 01:18:49,760
God, what am I going to do? How do I do this? I didn't know anything about how to approach it.

01:18:51,120 --> 01:18:56,400
And he just mentioned off the cuff, he said, hey, there's this guy that he used for visas.

01:18:56,400 --> 01:19:02,000
This guy is the best guy in the world. He's a, he's a, was he Australian or American? I can't

01:19:02,000 --> 01:19:07,600
remember. He was an attorney. He was an actual registered attorney in Thailand. And that's all

01:19:07,600 --> 01:19:15,280
he did was visas. That's all he did. I told you before, there are billions of these quote,

01:19:15,280 --> 01:19:21,280
unquote agents who will set you up with a visa in Thailand. And I don't know, somewhere around

01:19:21,280 --> 01:19:24,640
half of them are just scams. They're just going to take your money and they're going to say, well,

01:19:24,640 --> 01:19:27,840
we've got a problem. We've got to pay off this guy. We've got to pay off that guy. We need more

01:19:27,840 --> 01:19:31,760
money, more money, more money in there. You're never going to get a visa. And if you do, it's

01:19:31,760 --> 01:19:37,200
going to be a fake visa and you're going to go out of the country someday, maybe for a trip to

01:19:37,200 --> 01:19:41,040
somewhere. And then a few days later, you're going to come back and you're going to try to check back

01:19:41,040 --> 01:19:46,800
into Thailand on your retirement visa. And it's going to be non-valid because it was fake. And

01:19:46,800 --> 01:19:52,960
you're probably going to go to jail. You might get banned from Thailand for a year or two or three or

01:19:52,960 --> 01:20:00,720
five. Jesus fucking Christ. Some of the agents are legit, but you've got to research them.

01:20:00,720 --> 01:20:06,960
Fucking God. Anyway, so this guy, this doctor had been using this attorney for, I don't know, 25

01:20:06,960 --> 01:20:16,400
years, 20 years, 20 years. And he was just the best. He just recommended him as the best in

01:20:16,400 --> 01:20:21,680
Thailand period. So I went to see him the next day and he said, yeah, no problem. 600 bucks,

01:20:21,680 --> 01:20:30,800
retirement visa in a week. That's it for a year. He done. Oh, happy days. Happy fucking days.

01:20:32,960 --> 01:20:38,960
Gave him the money. And then we have the passport back, nice shiny one year visa stamped in there.

01:20:38,960 --> 01:20:54,160
And I was skippity doo. I was happy man. Happy, happy, happy, happy. Okay. So then Thailand was

01:20:54,160 --> 01:21:05,760
mine. Good for a year. God, what a nice feeling. Stability. I had a little stability in my life.

01:21:05,760 --> 01:21:16,080
And I decided that the hotel, it was time to get out of that hotel. A little bit expensive. Why

01:21:16,080 --> 01:21:21,760
be paying that much? I was paying 10,000 about a week probably, and I should be paying 10,000

01:21:21,760 --> 01:21:35,200
about a month for a room. And so I started asking around in this bar slash restaurant thing. I

01:21:35,200 --> 01:21:41,120
started asking around, anybody know of a room for rent? And somebody didn't.

01:21:41,120 --> 01:21:50,080
And that's a story unto itself. And I'm going to cut this one short so it'll be easy to render.

01:21:51,520 --> 01:21:56,080
And the next one, we're going to tell the story of how I got my first room in Thailand.

01:21:58,400 --> 01:22:02,480
So I'm going to tell you a story about a room in Thailand.

01:22:02,480 --> 01:22:11,440
And then we're going to talk more about you getting a room in Thailand and what not to do.

01:22:13,920 --> 01:22:22,560
God, there's some pitfalls. I've got a huge website, huge website about a scamming, scamming,

01:22:22,560 --> 01:22:30,000
real estate property rental place. And I'll probably put the link up here at some point.

01:22:30,960 --> 01:22:34,000
I've never been scammed by anybody in my life except by them.

01:22:39,520 --> 01:22:44,000
I mean, in a real estate deal like that. Never been scammed by them.

01:22:44,000 --> 01:22:53,520
I mean, in a real estate deal like that. Never been scammed like that in my life.

01:22:56,960 --> 01:23:02,960
Oh, Jesus. I don't have words for it. The website is, I don't know, probably 30, 40, 50 pages long.

01:23:02,960 --> 01:23:08,320
It's humongous. Details there are a goddamn dishonest criminal fucking thing they did.

01:23:08,320 --> 01:23:14,880
And I'll give you the link to it and I'll tell you the name of it at some point.

01:23:18,000 --> 01:23:23,360
So there's lots and lots of pitfalls to getting a room in Thailand. Lots. How many are, how many,

01:23:23,360 --> 01:23:27,120
okay. Of all the places that are going to try to give you a room, how many of them

01:23:29,520 --> 01:23:36,560
are you going to end up being scammed by at some point? Right off the top or in a month or in six

01:23:36,560 --> 01:23:43,520
months or in a year when you try to leave, whatever. I'm going to say somewhere around 60, 70%.

01:23:44,880 --> 01:23:48,000
It's a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad place to be rent in a place.

01:23:50,880 --> 01:23:57,680
You've got to be really, really stinking careful. You're almost never going to get back a deposit.

01:24:00,080 --> 01:24:04,400
No matter how well you documented it. You know, I would do videos of the walkthrough when I was

01:24:04,400 --> 01:24:09,600
first moving in with the landlord there. And I would document every little thing that was wrong

01:24:09,600 --> 01:24:14,800
or dirty or anything with them in the same video. No cuts in the video, no nothing.

01:24:15,520 --> 01:24:22,560
And then I would do the same thing when I'm moving out. And they would just make stuff up.

01:24:23,840 --> 01:24:27,280
And I would go back in the video and say, look, what are you talking about there? You know,

01:24:27,280 --> 01:24:31,360
this damage right here, it's in this video when I moved in and now you're saying I did it. No.

01:24:31,360 --> 01:24:40,640
Well, take me to court. Well, you can't. There's no real meaningful court. And if you do go to one

01:24:41,360 --> 01:24:47,040
tithe, you're going to win every single time. So you're going to lose your deposit most times,

01:24:47,040 --> 01:24:52,240
somewhere around 85% probably because you're just going to lie and cheat and steal and scam.

01:24:53,120 --> 01:24:56,240
But what I found was after all those years,

01:24:56,240 --> 01:25:01,520
yes, the Thais will do that to you, but the Phalangs, Phalang landlords will do it much more,

01:25:02,240 --> 01:25:07,200
much more because Thailand is an invitation to scamming,

01:25:07,200 --> 01:25:13,520
thieving, stealing, dishonest, dishonorable Phalangs. You know, half the time they left

01:25:13,520 --> 01:25:17,200
their own country because they're being run out of that country because they're scammers.

01:25:18,160 --> 01:25:21,840
And maybe the police are closing in on them or something. They got to get out. So they go to

01:25:21,840 --> 01:25:29,840
Southeast Asia. They start a new business where the laws are much more lax and they can get away

01:25:29,840 --> 01:25:38,880
with much more shit. And I'll tell you, I'll tell you the first story of my first real room in Thailand.

01:25:41,200 --> 01:25:46,080
I got screwed on almost every place I stayed there, almost everyone.

01:25:46,080 --> 01:25:51,360
Anyway, so that's for the next one. Get in the room. It's called getting a room in Thailand.

01:25:51,360 --> 01:26:19,360
Okay. And that'll be number 12. It's a horrific story. Okay. And that's it. So thank you very much.

01:26:21,840 --> 01:26:28,720
Yeah. They're fun. I like to watch the dogs swimming down the street. That's funny as hell.

01:26:30,240 --> 01:26:36,160
Sometimes the people. Philippines gets far more rain than Thailand,

01:26:39,200 --> 01:26:45,440
which I like. I come from a rainy environment and that's kind of in my DNA. So I like,

01:26:45,440 --> 01:26:51,520
I don't like the rain of Ketchikan. You know, that's fucked up. What did they get in there?

01:26:52,320 --> 01:27:00,720
150 inches a year or some damn thing. Seattle gets 29. Ketchikan gets like 150 or something.

01:27:03,360 --> 01:27:07,360
I don't know how much like Manila gets. It's got to be up there.

01:27:07,360 --> 01:27:14,160
I don't know. Never looked it up, but there's enough rain to satisfy me.

01:27:14,880 --> 01:27:20,560
It's nice. It cools things down. It's refreshing. I love walking around with an umbrella,

01:27:21,600 --> 01:27:27,280
going to coffee shops, stuff like that. Okay. So this is it. We're done. Thank you very much.

01:27:27,280 --> 01:27:37,920
And if I didn't say it, all tapes are copyright 2023 by The link to

01:27:37,920 --> 01:27:41,840
these things is right there near the top of the page. It's very hard and impossible to miss it.

01:27:44,640 --> 01:27:46,720
RSS feeds are starting to pick them up now.

01:27:46,720 --> 01:27:54,080
We allowed a few of them to go onto YouTube, just a few, because we hate loathing to test YouTube.

01:27:55,040 --> 01:27:58,480
And then we cut that off. So they're not automatically going to YouTube anymore.

01:27:58,480 --> 01:28:05,360
We just wanted a small handful on there. This is a token presence. But everybody, I'm pretty sure,

01:28:05,360 --> 01:28:10,880
100% of people who ever put content on YouTube have trouble with YouTube because YouTube will

01:28:10,880 --> 01:28:15,920
object to something they say. And God knows there's plenty in these things for people to object to.

01:28:15,920 --> 01:28:20,960
So we don't expect anything we ever put on YouTube to stay there very long. Or maybe they'll allow it

01:28:20,960 --> 01:28:26,400
to stay there until it gets to the point of being monetized. And then they'll go like take a hard

01:28:26,400 --> 01:28:37,040
look at it and jerk it off. Or maybe they'll let you accrue a whole bunch of money from revenue,

01:28:37,040 --> 01:28:44,320
from advertising for the content you've put on there. And maybe they haven't paid you for two,

01:28:44,320 --> 01:28:50,160
three, four months. And then all of a sudden they just jerk your content because you said something

01:28:50,160 --> 01:28:55,520
they didn't personally, like some little snowflake was offended by it. And they just jerk your

01:28:55,520 --> 01:29:01,520
content and we're not going to pay you. And that's it. So we're not ever going to put enough on

01:29:01,520 --> 01:29:09,120
YouTube where that can piss us off. I don't like being pissed off and you won't like me when I'm

01:29:09,120 --> 01:29:14,640
pissed off either. And YouTube sure enough, fuck won't like me when I'm pissed off.

01:29:16,400 --> 01:29:20,240
We can go a whole nother level. Steal from me and we go to a whole nother level.

01:29:21,360 --> 01:29:27,120
Because I'm tired. I'm sensitized to it now after a decade in Southeast Asia.

01:29:27,120 --> 01:29:31,680
There's no recourse against Southeast Asians when they rip you off. There's virtually none.

01:29:32,400 --> 01:29:37,360
Against people in the Western countries, yeah, there's all kinds of recourse. And I know most

01:29:37,360 --> 01:29:41,280
of the tricks and I know how to use them really well. But I don't want to go to the trouble. I

01:29:41,280 --> 01:29:46,480
don't want to expend that energy to do it. So I just stay away from places I'm likely to be

01:29:47,280 --> 01:29:50,720
scammed and ripped off. And YouTube is one of the biggest ones. So I just avoid it.

01:29:50,720 --> 01:29:58,320 That's where all the content will always be. Maybe you find it in

01:29:58,320 --> 01:30:04,480
other places, but it's always going to be Okay. Thank you

01:30:04,480 --> 01:30:21,760
very much and good evening and good night. We be done. Where's my camera? Okay.