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Girls Who Fall Down



"Some females" fall down when being chased by aliens, Chupacabras, hyenas, lions, etc. Is it just God's will to give the man time to get away? We think so, yes. In caveman days, girls were genetically coded to walk well behind the male. God believed that males were more valuable than females, and in case of lion or other attack from the rear, The Creator wanted the man to have a better chance of escaping to breed another day. It was bad luck for the girls, to be sure, but it is what it is. Men can produce dozens, or hundreds of babies in 9 months -- girls not so much. Which gender had more value in the greater scheme of things while populating the earth? God also realized that the animals needed food. Sometimes lions, hyenas, chupacabras, etc., were old, or only had three legs, were partially blind, or just plain lazy, even stupid, but still capable of furthering their species. God still wanted them to survive and He knew that at least one source of ready-to-eat food must always be available: hence, the girl. Rabbits served this purpose as well (it's all in the Bible for God's sake -- Google it). To that end, God genetically predisposed women to tripping and falling down a bit more easily than their male counterparts, so that those animals down on their luck and in need, could be assured a more comfortable survival. Indeed, not to belabor the point, one female could produce one or two babies in a nine month span, while a well-fed male hyena, for example, even if blind or three-legged, stupid or weak, could still produce copious numbers of baby carnivores. Again, bad luck for the ladies, but it's natural selection in all its glory. In those days, the male was true to thine own self, and when the woman went down, back there at the tale of the trail, and the chupacabras were on her, on her, on her, he knew instinctively, and rightly so, that his sole mission at that moment was to save himself. And besides, to do so was to please God. In modern times, the male has been artificially re-programmed with a bunch of counter-productive chivalry nonsense, which only serves to get him killed as well -- then no more babies. That's completely wasteful. We submit that to truly serve the Devine One, the man must overcome this faulty social training and learn to follow his most basic instincts. When the woman is trailing back there, as she always will, and she's been asked politely 46 times since catching those rabbits for dinner, to keep up, and she doesn't, then it's really no negative mark upon his eternal soul to bolt when calamity strikes, and save himself. God will reward him in the end (Heaven, etc.). In this video we suggest a scenario in which this basic moral code is implemented when the girlfriend, wife, little woman, significant other, goes down. Indeed, this may be applicable to young offspring as well, and certainly to pets and family, friends, and others in the vicinity. Start re-training your mind now, because when the moment of action is upon you, there won't be time for limp-wristed, hand-wringing indecision. You must already know your place and duty upon the earth, and behave in a manner consistent with His Will and Wish. Keep a twenty in your pocket at all times for this eventuality. Condom in one pocket. Twenty in the other. Both will serve you very well indeed in times of need.




Why the English Don't Speak English in England
(piss off your English friends!)




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