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ABOVE: I've described this series on another page in detail. This man, clearly very sick, had wandered away from his wife on the beach, to go talk to the sea, as many of us do, and as more of us will. When he tried to go back to her, he found that there was a tiny ledge cut into the sand, maybe 4 inches high, that he couldn't get over. He shuffled far up the beach looking for a way around it, then far down the beach, all without success. He want back to his starting point and began to feebly kick at the hardened sand, in order to try to make a bit of a ramp that would enable him to walk up onto the higher level, and thus rejoin his wife. He became more and more fatigued and desperate, because he hadn't much strength left. In the last image in this series, above, he is, I am sure, asking Buddha, or his God, for assistance. He had nothing left. It was exactly then that his wife turned and saw him, and instantly understood his plight, and in a flash she was at his side, supporting him, helping him navigate over that 4 inch ledge, and they were back at their beach site in minutes. I was fascinated by this man. This last snapshot is obviously of the worst possible quality and I thought about deleting it. But it's an important step in this series. I should have placed all these images together, on one page, in order, but I honestly didn't know I had all these until I went digging deeply into my archives.


Hanging out near 7-11


They park in the red zone by the hundreds, all day long. Maybe they don't have red NO PARKING zones in any other country in the world. You'd think that. And they get impounded by the hundreds, all day long. It's fun to watch



Truly a modern supermarket in this remote region of Laos. On a busy day it'll be packed


A "pretty good" road in east-central Laos. Plenty of snakes to keep you on your toes as you stroll along. Literally. And wild dogs. And vicious, killer geese. Bastards.





Saigon, and it gets far worse than this. Horrible (yet fun) image -- I must have taken it with my Captain Marvel Pinhole camera





This was the only model whose work I never sold. She had good presence -- a Nigerian girl, I think -- but I was retiring right about then and just never got around to marketing this batch. I'll try to do a whole page of her stuff later on


They glowed like this when he was annoyed. Only then



No, it wasn't blood from a blow to the head (OMG). The eyes were like this forever



In the process of LEAPING onto some tourist kid's face because he had potato chips. I missed the follow through--


Gorillas in the moonlight. Oh, wait, those aren't gorillas, they just wish they were



The most dangerous primate of all


He tried to never miss a line or a cue and kept trying to surreptitiously stick that horn back on twenty times but never could





Rejected images




With MyMateNate!
n Jomtien, Chonburi, Thailand!
December, 2021




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