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Stock Photos Worldwide

Stock Photography


Photos on this website are
not for sale at this time
due to retirement, but if
you MUST have a particular
image on a one-off basis, use
the Twitter link above. I sell
only "all rights" (read below).
Remember, these are snapshots
taken for fun and relaxation,
NOT commercial work.



Ang mga larawan sa website na ito ay hindi ibinebenta

Изображения на этом сайте не продаются

Bilder auf dieser Website stehen nicht zum Verkauf

Les images sur ce site ne sont pas à vendre

Las imágenes de este sitio web no están a la
ventaLe immagini su questo sito non sono in vendita



이 웹사이트의 이미지는 판매용이 아닙니다.



ABOVE: Mexican girl


Snapshot on the street


Teak rice barges, abandon, SE Asia


No idea, but more and more they look tasty


More teak rice barges


An example of the construction techniques, below:


Built with wooden dowels


E-Scooters in the night -- becoming quite popular in SE Asia


Lots of hard-core bikers here, but many of them die. Most dangerous region in the world for wheeled things


Sidecars (salengs) are little microcosms of moving life


Four-up is normal. Six becomes more interesting


This one will trap small birds and consume them, like the famed Venus Fly Trap


Staircase used to go up to the top between the layers of signs


Cute little Starling who likes to play hide and seek with the camera



Typical scene. No maintenance. The boats die. And are then abandon


Is it better to go FAST and get through it quickly, or go slowly and allow more time for the water to get into the engine?


This cat was killed (some say murdered) by the Merced County animal control to...wait for it. About 500 suffered that fate in one day


E-Scooters in the night -- becoming quite popular in SE Asia


Deadly poisonous. Lots of fatalities. No, I have no clue.


I hate flowers. But you must shoot a FEW -- it's a law





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