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ABOVE: SE Asia is lousy with trucks sporting gargantuan loudspeakers driven by gigantic amps. Thailand might be the King of that obscene obnoxiousness. They drive around, through the quiet villages, sometimes starting as early as 04:30 a.m., blasting their absolutely inane, stupid sales pitches to come and visit such and such mall, or maybe only to buy some lemons, or get a free eye exam at such and such clinic, or maybe to promote whichever corrupt politician is running for dog catcher this year, or whatever. In most civilized countries eletronically generated NOISE is illegal if it can be heard AT ALL at a distance of 150 feet. These fools can be heard a a KILOMETER away and law enforcement will do NOTHING even when an entire community bands together and files a complaint with the local Mayor. It's ignored. The polite ones turn the volume down so it doesn't rattle your brains, but still makes normal life impossible, but the assholes, and that accounts for 90%, will crank that knob to 11 and drive at 1kph through your retirement village, often stopping directly in front of your home, literally four meters from your actual front door, cranking it up even louder, and then walking off somewhere to visit someone or go to a little store or just sit and have lunch for an hour. And there's NOTHING YOU CAN DO. Meanwhile all activity inside your home CEASES, whether watching TV, talking on the phone, sleeping -- NOTHING can continue until these stupid jackasses move on and they will only move on when they're good and ready. It's common that you get 2 or 4 or 5 in the same soi at the same time and they all try to out-do each other with RAW BLARING VOLUME and of course no one can hear what ANY of them are saying and they don't bloody-well care. They just want the assault to stop so they can get back to their lives. But these vendors and advertisers have less than no concept of the anger and hatred they are fostering within their own communities BECAUSE THEY ARE STUPID and BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARE IF THEY DID UNDERSTAND. They. Don't. Care. Call the police? In the first place they probably won't even answer the phone. If they do, they won't have the slightest understanding of what the problem is. If they do understand it, THEY WON'T CARE EITHER. Loud vendors are a plight on SE Asian communities and sooner or later the governments will have to act, just as governments in every other country in the world have had to act. You can';t ignore this forever. So why ignore it at all? That's the lapse in logic that you will find throughout SE Asia in nearly every area of daily life. So why wait to fix the problem? It's easily fixed. Why allow these vendors to so enrage the population that sooner or later good people will end up going to jail to just try to get some peace in their own homes and businesses? I have nearly come to blows with any number of these imbeciles. They are rude, obnoxious jackasses who, if asked politely in their own language to please turn it down so your baby can sleep, will only flip you off and charge at you with any kind of weapon they can pick up. Year by year they get louder and louder because they are CONVINCED that ear-splitting loudness is the path to riches and speakers and amps from China get cheaper and cheaper. They KNOW this is the formula to make them rich -- except it isn't. Tell them you can't even hear your own customers and they'll just stare at you like deer in headlights, as if to say, "Whatever could that possibly mean?" Stupid assholes. In Thailand it is acknowledged now that right at 35% of all police complaints in the ENTIRE COUNTRY are noise complaints, yet there is absolutely no limitation on these sons of bitches -- and if you live here long enough that's exactly what you'll call them too. Sons of bitches. Rude, arrogant, obnoxious sons of bitches. You can see that, in this instance, there are two of them travelling in tandem, because the four giant speakers on one truck weren't loud enough to completely and thoroughly boil your brains and make you intensely hate the nation and its population. These trucks happen to be advertising a food delivery service called "Grab Foods". I'll make sure to never, ever, ever, ever use them when I see them in any SE Asian country. Plenty of imbecilic things like this are driving westerners (and their money) out of SE Asia in general, in droves and droves and droves, but THIS one thing, all by itself, is a big one.
















Dogs and birds, coexisting peacefully. Not.










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