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Cambodia is always lively


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The nose knows


Above and below: These were both very simple holes in the fabric of pants and swim shorts. Both holes were less than pea-sized, clean and no stress to the surrounding fabric. One item was "repaired" by a "tailor" in a Thailand city. The other was "repaired by a "tailor" in another city. Obviously both patches are light years beyond junk and the garments were thrown away. These are far from isolated incidents in SE Asia, Thailand particularly. I have yet to find one human being who can do proper sewing work in Thailand. Many people think they can come to SE Asia and buy quality tailored suits and whatnot on the cheap. Yes, you can buy them on the cheap -- subtract the word "quality". This is how Thais work. This is just about the best work you'll find in Thailand on ANYTHING, not just garments. Take your car to the shop for a minor repair, and this is how it will come back to you. Hire someone to fix your AC, and this is how it will look in the end. Extrapolate this out a hundred million times with absolutely any item in most of SE Asia, and this is the workmanship you'll receive. Is it cheap? You bet. But not so much when you realize you had to pay for this "repair" plus go out and buy the new garments again. Then it's not such a good deal at all.



Above and below: Buffalo-drawn carts, real ones, spiffed up for show, but they still operate today

Above and below: Buffalo-drawn carts, real ones, spiffed up for show, but they still operate today






This sidewalk BBQ happens to be in Cambodia, but you'll find this anywhere. Snakes are more commonly eaten in Kumboosha. Above the snake platter is a platter of bugs


A winching device made from a motorbike and used to haul commercial fishing boats up the beach (dragged bodily)


I don't remember the name of the drink but it was delicious after the gagging stopped


The world's greatest cookie


A little island home that I should have bought. On the back side is a humongous cave that cuts far into the island under the home


Jet ski rentals move their machines around in this manner -- long trains of them pulled by salengs. Works fine. Usually


Good luck or bad? One never knows in the Land of Spirits (LOS)


Sanctuary of Truth. What is the truth? No one knows


Elephant rentals. These are for passengers but they're still used for logging and various tasks


Vendors come around the bars and do their best to sell the latest and greatest condoms. No one buys them




Central Laos


The Mekong River in Central Laos


A sort of taxi/passenger bus called a Jeepney. A Caucasian can NOT sit even remotely upright in one. Lots of fun. Not


Huge business all through SE Asia, parachutes towed by boats. Plenty of crashes. More than a few fatalities


Crossing the Mekong. Mekong mud will ruin absolutely everything that comes in contact with it. I hate the Mekong







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