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I just can't get into chicken feet. I'm sorry. I can't. I tried. I tried! I can't. Sorry not sorry! They suck no matter how you prepare them


Shrimp are virtually never shelled here. Why would anyone do that, they ask! They like 'em crunchy


Typical somewhat upscale outdoor restaurant


Proud shop owner






I hate, hate, HATE messing around below dams. Because, you know, you just never know... Relax and picnic? Forget it. Where's my life jacket?!




Ever ascending. That's the struggle of life for all things, forever






It's in the eyes. The meanness is in the eyes









Here, 1200/kilo (2.2 lbs) would be $36. These crabs have no meat. Mostly they break the legs and suck the juice out. Madness to an Alaska boy


Perfectly scrumptious soup IF the seafood has been properly handled. I was in the ER 10 times in one year, one year


Crunch them shrimp shells! No thank you!




See what I mean? It's in the eyes. The eyes tell all


Even when they're smiling, the meanness is in the eyes. They can't hide it


Some call this home. Many would LIKE to call this home but can't afford it. Not joking.







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