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Space Needle, Seattle, Washington, USA


Abandon Barn in Merced, California, USA


NASA really screwed up when they sent a Moon Buggy all the way to the moon with no top, no windshield or wipers for inclement weather. Idiots.


Palm Trees in the Mist


Bad weather is the stock and trade of SE Asia. Seldom boring


Northern Lights in rare appearance in SE Thailand (Jomtien). Quite rare


I miss almost all my old girlfriends



Asians love, love, LOVE to fish. They catch a LOT -- but the fish here are all quite small, bony, soft and bland



Up on the Northern Mekong


Dogs love to ride on scooters if you take the time to teach them. No worries of falling off since a two-wheeler is always balanced, like a helo



This image appears on a few different pages but with different filter treatments







Little girl with a very tough life


Hard to image the wrecks involving these eggs, and you know they happen


Camping under the stars. So sublime. Until a coconut CRASHES THROUGH YOUR TENT. Then you go to the ER. If you're lucky


Calm only inches or seconds from certain death---


Typical SE Asian street shop. Some are "authorized". Most aren't. The vast majority will make you sick (about 95%)


No safety lines, no nets -- this is how they work. This building lost two Cambodians before it was finished




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