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Rampant, capricious, unthinking censorship at Twitter (X)

Why we dumped Twitter (X) at (it's the censorship, stupid).


The URL of this page is:


Anyone care to send it to "X" ?

We would, but we no longer have an X account


Can we still be contacted at the Twitter (X) link below?

Nope. Nein. Nyet.

Why not?

Because Twitter (X) is now Facebook in all its mindless, capricious censorship glory..





Remember when that poor lady was talking to her friend on Facebook (Farcebook), years ago, and she made this comment TO HER FREIND:

"All men are ugly".

She had every right to voice that opinion.

I often entertain the very same thought.

For voicing her honest OPINION, Farcebook BANNED HER.

Feel free to Google it.

Of course that's not even one grain of sand on Farcebook's shameful beach. There's hardly a Farcebook user alive who hasn't been blocked, banned, put in Farcebook jail for SOMETHING. It makes the little Zuck feel Oh So Powerful. I'm thinking he got beat up a lot in grade school and this is his revenge.

I have too been banned from Zuck's Mindless Kingdom.

Someone once asked me what I thought of the Chinese, since I lived among them for a decade.

I replied and said I found them to be largely dirty. I was thinking of their disgusting squat toilets at that moment, but I'm happy to expand that OPINION to any radius anyone wishes.

Within an hour Facebook had banned me for 24 hours. Maybe the little jerkoff's wife read it. Thick-skinned they ain't.

Within the next hour I was gone from Farcebook forever. I could have appealed the tyrannical power-grab. But for what? Maybe I could have gotten it reversed. --Only to wait for the next instance of rank insanity to drop on my head like a rotting glump, fermented of warm, wet, ostrich shit.

For years we used our verified Twitter (X) account as our contact point for this website ( It worked well enough. And we occasionally chimed in to some of the more sensational news topics on that forum.

A few days ago someone made a post about George Soros, evil incarnate, fool, destroyer of logic, common sense and decency, and I had bloody well had enough. I'd had enough of this twisted, counter-productive, anti-social piece of garbage, and I retorted, speaking of Soros and, I hoped, TO Soros, though slim chance of that, "Why won't this imbecile simply DIE?"

It was a heartfelt opinion and actually an honest question. For God's sake it seems like he's been doing the Devil's work for about a thousand years now; how many more eons does he get, while decent people die at age 34? When will this enemy of decent society DIE? Inquiring minds want to know. I sure as hell do, because the world will be a slightly better place without him! I guarantee it!

My honest question stands, forever, and X, and Twitter, and Elon can take their mindless, capricious, idiotic, woke censorship and go fuck themselves with it until their hairy, stinky little bums are raw.

By God that's enough woke-ism for 700 fucking lifetimes.

I had mildly hoped Musk had a grasp of free speech, but I didn't expect much, and I was right. This proves it.

Musk likes to present this facade in which X is touted as the last holdout of free speech on planet earth.

In reality, X is now nothing more than Facebook, silly and inane and lustful of the power that silly woke censorship brings them -- fleeting though it may be.

X did invite me to "contest" their knee-jerk reaction to my perfectly heartfelt question, but I didn't bother, as I didn't bother with Farcebook either. What would be the point? Clearly, it would just happen again. And again. And again, and I submit that in time, there will no longer be ANY X users who have not also been banned, blocked, punished, imprisoned, for equally valid, heartfelt sentiments. It will happen. Trust me. Because X is now Farcebook.

I'm happy to be away from that black hole of nonsense. And if you cut them loose, I promise, you will be happy also.


"Why won't this imbecile (George Soros) simply DIE?"




Distressingly, I was prevented from terminating my X account until I deleted the comment. If THAT isn't another instance of unadulterated Goddamned fucking bullshit, I don't known what is. That is by God, BY GOD, over the fucking top. It truly is.

Fuck you, Elon Musk. You're a spineless, misguided sham. If you're THAT fucking sensitive to the real world around you, go curl up under your blankey and hire a thousand more bodyguards to make sure a discordant utterance is never heard by you, you delicate little flower.