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Thailand's Baddest Drivers


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ABOVE: Thailand used to be rated either #2 or #3 for the most deadly country to drive in, in the world. Then some International watchdog types started rooting around in the stats and discovered that for decades Thailand had been cooking the books (oh what a surprise). It's called LYING. The actual corrected stats put Thailand at #1 for the deadliest country to drive in, in the world, and this is why. This type of thing happens several times per hour if you're driving around any even semi-congested area. I've driven every kind of vehicle on almost every road in Thailand -- what you see is what you get. Why? Well, some would say the Thai brain just isn't up to the task of operating a motor vehicle. But that would be rude, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, Thais honestly believe that they are the absolute finest and most competent drivers on this earth. They believe that with all their hearts and they constantly deride, berate, and insult drivers from any and every other country. Thais believe themselves to be the smartest bulbs on the Christmas light string in absolutely any and every way, profession, endeavor, activity and industry. Just ask one.




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