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Spoiled Rotten Brat Vladimir Putin


The Russia/Ukraine Invasion

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A very brief editorial:


A message (open letter) to Cornholio (Hidin' Bidin')


We virtually never comment on world political nonsense -- until it becomes no longer nonsense and can affect our lives directly, so here's our unsolicited two-cents worth:

Ukraine was duly given its independence 30 years ago. Right or wrong it's a done deal. Get over it and move on.

Maybe your spouse or Significant Other dumped you. It's over. Suck it up. Move on.

Maybe your dog got tired of being beaten so it ran away. Done deal. Learn, let it go, and move on.

Putin sez to Ukraine: Come back to my club or I will murder your entire country.

Ukraine said No Thank You. Ten thousand times.

The spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, country or dog is gone. Get over it and move on.

Your neighboring country properly and officially broke away three decades ago and never looked back. Get over it and move on.

But Putin is killing it out of childish, uncontrolled spite and rage. It will soon be dead as a nation.

Will your country be next?

Maybe Thailand is next?


Maybe Japan is next?


Maybe Canada?

Eh? Eh? Eh?

What about the Philippines?

Ano naman ang Tungkol sa Pilipinas


(Hey man let's smoke some shit and destroy our neighborhood for fun because chaos is great).

OK, well, Puty can have Oregon with my blessing. He deserves Antifa and the rest of the whining Snowflakes.

I have learned that evil never, ever stops itself. It will grow and metastasize like a cancer to consume all the oxygen in the room, and take all the space it's allowed to occupy. Just like cancer.

Vladimir Putin was never litter-box trained.

Vladimir Putin is a Spoiled Rotten Brat. Google it.

Putin is a cancer upon the world.

Putin is a filthy festering boil upon the ass of logical society.

He always has been, and he has nukes, and now he's gone full-on barking mad.

We always suspected he would go mad, given the space and absence of push-back in which to do so.

Cornholio (and most of the world) have given him that license.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing (quote not definitively traceable).

China will soon follow this madness because NO ONE will stand up, toe to toe, and say quietly, big stick in hand:

No. More.

And only Cornholio is at the helm of our ship, spinning that big wheel left and right with crazy abandon because he has no course to follow and spinning the wheel makes him giggle. God Help Us All.

Putin, by extension, has just now TWICE told Finland and Sweden (for God's sake, Finland and Sweden!) that, essentially, if they dare try to join NATO, he will destroy them, and he's ordered his nukes to go on standby. This is an insane man. That's a red line. It's the reddest of red lines and Putin has already crossed it by yapping his jaw, making the promise TWICE, and issuing the orders to make it so.

Personally, I would destroy him for that one thing alone. That kind of arrogance cannot be allowed to continue breathing the sweet air of this earth. Society doesn't need any more of his kind. Society is already choking to death on his kind.

It’s hard to believe that in modern times one country can simply decide to attack and kill another country with no provocation and the world does almost nothing about it except whine and wring its limp-wristed hands and lament, "Oh the humanity."

Biden's (Cornholio's) “sanctions” against Russia are like softly whispering to a wild, destructive house cat in another room as the dishware crashes to the floor, “please stop doing that.” The cat doesn’t even hear you and wouldn’t care if it did. It needs a smack down. Putin is chuckling and the dizzy, impotent Cornholio is fuming.

I live exactly where Polpot inflicted his insanity on humanity. I want to know, who is Putin more a clone of -- Polpot, or Hitler?

I have learned that this world's Putins only know one thing: BRUTE FORCE. They are otherwise blind, deaf and stupid. They are lumps of rotting flesh wholly without a brain.

Time to step up, Cornholio, or Puty will own us all.

Clearly, he already owns YOU.

Putin knows you'll eventually lie down on your back and piss on your own belly.

Hell, we all know that and it makes us want to vomit.

Where's that big, tough man's man who stood up to the infamous Cornpop?

Oh, that's right. He never existed.

End Rant.




Since I know Russians better than most I am often asked, "What do you think Putin will do in and around Ukraine?"

Here's my answer:

Trying to figure out the mindset of Russians is like trying to figure out the mindset of demented ferrets.

I live utterly surrounded by them here in SE Asia (I left the US due to idiots strangely getting into positions of power).

The Russians here are hated and reviled TO A MAN. The prostitutes don't even like them.

They are rough, loud, crude, inappropriate, sinister, sneaky, and profoundly, obnoxiously violent even when it's counter to their end-goals. They'll lie when the truth would serve them better and fight when a peaceful solution would benefit them more. That's Russians.

Yes, they bluff, because they are often cowards. But they are also stupid enough to go ahead and throw caution to the wind and engage in fights (street and bar fights usually here, but International fights for Putin) they can't possibly win, through sheer and unmitigated, counter-productive bullheadedness. They are Klingons/Ferengis without the manners, without the smidgen of reason and logic that Klingons had, and without the honesty Ferengis had. I hope that is clear enough for you. I said exactly what I mean and it is reality. Suck it up and deal with Russians (if you must) from that perspective -- then you'll have a chance.

They are simply brutish assholes and absolutely nothing more valuable than that.

They are Pit Bulls on crack.

If you live with Russians you know this.

If you don't know this, you don't live with Russians -- or you're one of them.

Instead of a brain in their heads they have a stone and a hammer. That is Russians at their core.

Now, with that in mind, skew your predictions of what Putin might and probably will do in and around Ukraine and every place else his slimy, rusty-nail-tipped tentacles can reach. Then factor in his and Russia's long and disgusting history. Extrapolate it out. THAT is what Putin will do because he truly believes he is King of the World, just like Biden. The difference is, while both of them are rock effing stupid, one has balls and one has pink cotton candy.

Common sense, logic -- take them out of your equations. As long as he thinks he can win, and, as long as he thinks he might lose but still punish those who buck him, he'll continue to fight and continue to ruin an entire region of the world. It's what Russians DO. It's ALL they do. It's all they can do because, like the Grinch's heart, their brains are simply six sizes too small.

The Russians are leaving SE Asia in droves right now and the regular people here are absolutely ecstatic. Russians are hated, reviled and loathed as nothing but ultra-violent scammers. The locals can't imagine a better gift than to get them gone for as long as possible.


UPDATE March 11, 2022:

Putin has just elevated his nukes to the final stage before deploying them.

You know, some people are so bloody sick to death of Putin and people like Putin terrorizing the world and the world cowering and rolling over on its back and peeing on its own belly, that some people think it's time to call BS on the instigators, and say you want a nuclear exchange, bring it on. The consequences will be horrific, but we'll get rid of YOU and it will serve as a warning to others like you and in the long run that will save lives. The cycle of BS and threats in the world has got to stop and if that's the only way to do it, bring it on. Some people say enough is enough. We're tired of living in fear for decades and decades and lifetimes. Let's just do it. Irresponsible? Maybe. But we are, all of us, weary to the bone of the Putins and Khrushchevs and Polpots and stupid, foolish Xis of the world. Call the bluff. Call it. Call in the hand. Enough is enough. Stand up straight, toe to toe, eye to eye, and call their damned bluff once and for all.




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