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Paragliding Pictures


Powered Paragliding Pictures


These videos and slideshows feature misc. paragliding and powered paragliding images taken, starting, in the summer of 2022. Most are unedited, meaning no color tweaking, no cropping, no sharpening, no nothing. Some, which were liked and requested by participants/subjects, were "fixed up" for fun, but not to the point of being suitable for printing.


Sorry about the obnoxious copyright notice; I've been to court way too many times over copyright and trademark infringement (i.e theft)(it's the American Way now).


If any of the people ACTUALLY FEATURED IN THE IMAGES needs/wants a copy with a normal, unobtrusive copyright on it, suitable for printing, please get a hold of the trainer (you all know who) and request that image according to the filename. I don't mind editing and passing on a couple of pics. The trainer can make prints of almost any size, up to, say, 6+ feet width on some of these images; he'll charge a fee, of course; that's between you and him.


The images shown here are much-reduced in size/resolution, just to be presentable through the web. Originals are about 6400-12,800 pixels in width, depending on the camera used. The images here are down-sampled (re-sampled) to the point of being barely viewable, to save space, however they will still show up "reasonably well" on a large TV and are MUCH better viewed that way, so if your TV has a built-in browser, just browse it to this page and click away.


Don't even waste the time to browse them on a phone, and please do NOT request many copies at a time unless you want paid prints. Often, those images that are requested, for fun, on spur of the moment, never even get used and I don't have time to invest and waste a whole day or more of editing and tweaking, for images that won't get used.


Images are usually dumped to the website pretty unceremoniously within a few hours to a few days after any shoot, with a minimum of fussing or editing. Later, I tend to go back and mess with any images I, or others, particularly like.


The process for obtaining files and/or prints is not set up at all, since I had retired. However I am getting more and more requests to buy images/prints (2020-2022). I really didn't want to get back into the business, but I may. If I do, I'll use a commercial image site like Wix or Smugmug (Jeeze I hate that website) to facilitate sales and the link will be posted prominently throughout this website.



Don't bother trying to view from a phone --

these slideshows aren't configured for phones.

Best viewed on a large TV.



Paraglider Slideshow #1


Pacifica, California, Paragliding in the fog


Paraglider Slideshow #2, Oct. 4, 2022


Paraglider Slideshow #3, Oct. 5, 2022


Pacifica to Oct. 9, 2022, mostly unedited


Paragliding, Slide, Oct. 11, 2022


Paragliding, Slide, Oct. 12, 2022 SLIDES


Paragliding, Slide, Oct. 12, 2022 VIDEO


Paragliding, Slide, Oct. 16, 2022, Accident


Washoe Oct. 18, mostly unedited


Paragliding, Pacifica, Oct. VIDEO


Selected PPG, Washoe, Oct. 2022


Selected PPG as above, YOUTUBE


Paragliding, Duck, Oct. 2022, Min Edits


Paragliding, Duck, Oct. 2022, VIDEO


Paraglide Rainbow Ridge, Nov 19, 2022
Raw, Uncropped, Unedited, for TV

























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