Kamaya Shoot #1

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This is the "Kamaya Shoot" #1, the last formal shoot I did professionally, and since I had moved out of the regular studio, it was done in my home studio. This girl brought her sister for moral support, as most non-professionals do. The sister was dubious and cold -- until Kamaya warmed up. Then the sister, who just happened to bring half a dozen clothing changes, insisted in getting right in there on the action. This shoot was 1664 images, all 8400 pixels on the long side, RAW. The green screen was used for portions I felt I might want to key later. A lot of video was shot as well, including a security vid of the entire session, plus a bunch of high-rez vid of the girls romping around. If the girls are too stiff and serious, I find that they can NOT do light-hearted stuff. But if they're naturally light-hearted, they can usually do both. When they're relaxed enough to improvise and try new things and laugh and make faces, then it stops being work and becomes what all of us hoped for when we got into this business. That's usually where the best material comes from. I was retiring right then and so didn't do anything with these shots except to make up a few for fun, as above. I haven't even sorted through this batch -- whatever you get, is what you get, clinkers and all, chosen randomly by the computer out of the 1600-image folder. This is how a shoot typically goes. You shoot everything, and you get some keepers. And you get a few gems. A "real" shoot in a "real" studio might go to 5000 images for me. Yes, I replace shutters more than I'd like. There are about 375 in this slideshow, all very low resolution. Just something to look at. Kamaya was the Alpha. The sister followed. I may do something structured with these later on, since no copyrights have ever been sold on them. I have no plans to sell these -- way too busy with other things and all my contacts drifted away over the past decades anyway.





Kamaya Shoot #1




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