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This was an avoidable tragedy. Blame socialized medicine. I had known this family for many years before this man got sick -- simple kidney stone. They operated and removed it. But Peritonitis set in, which is absurdly common in socialized medicine. I've dealt with it in other friends successfully. But for this man it was 65 miles to the jungle hospital to get a daily cleaning and he had no money and he was also terrified of the socialized system for good reason. He fought this for a YEAR on oral antibiotics but finally succumbed. I sat with him the last eight days. Had I known what the situation was in the beginning I would have bodily dragged him to the hospital and put him in a hotel nearby for the two weeks of daily IV ABS, but I had originally been told it was cancer and I stayed out of it. There was no cancer. Truly a tragic loss. There are hundreds of small and untouched images of this 8 days on other pages on this site. The images on this page are in no particular order. I was extremely reluctant to photograph this because in Western culture that would be considered -- well I don't even have the words for it. This family wanted the photography and wanted it badly. I made them ask me many times and I explained that in my culture this would never, ever be done except for, perhaps, a snap or two of the casket. But they wanted as many pictures as I could take so over the course of 8 days I snapped the shutter around 1600-1900 times. Only a few are posted on this site.



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Rejected images


This is a fairly high-class send off for Whoville.





I can't remember the blood relationship of this boy to the deceased. Child Monk. Maybe my best little friend in all of SE Asia. No, not maybe.




Daughter in the back on your left. Toughest little girl I have ever seen. A veritable rock. Age 12




Part of the Buddhist ritual immediately after death


Daughter taking care of papa immediately after death -- because, really, no one else will




In the middle of this 8 day ordeal a snake was dispatched -- it was identified as a Cobra but I don't really know. It had been stalking and harassing the play area for toddlers for about a week and was finally sent to somewhere from which it will not return. In many areas the snake would never have been killed, but would have been relocated -- so it can come back again. This community had no qualms whatsoever about stopping the problem once and for all.



They immediately BBQ'd the snake and ate it. One man became violently ill and broke out in a skin rash that required hospitalization for several weeks. My motto: Just Say No to BBQ Cobra. Everyone said it wasn't really a good one anyway, as BBQ'd Cobras go. They are, however, used very extensively in the so-called "fish" or "pork" balls you buy on every corner throughout SE Asia. You'll never know what you're getting




This lady was on "snake watch" when this one was spotted.


Child Monk with a new donation of $3, or a day's wage for a child worker



Daughter of deceased




Lush jungle to say the least


Small bamboo stand


About two days before he passed



SE Asian cats are often, well, how to put it politely -- A LITTLE ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES



"I am so boored. I have nothing to do and no friends. I must catch my own mice for food. I think the chickens would be tastier and much easier to dispatch. I'm pretty sure I shall kill myself. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe in one hour, and then let's see how you like THAT. Oh my life is one big suck-sickle. Maybe a Cobra will bite me soon and end my suffering. One can only hope."


I had ended up with about 6 of these ancient SD cameras somehow and gave one to this little Monk. It's his prized possession





Rejected images




With MyMateNate!
n Jomtien, Chonburi, Thailand!
December, 2021




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