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Stock Photos Worldwide

Stock Photography


Photos on this website are
not for sale at this time
due to retirement, but if
you MUST have a particular
image on a one-off basis, use
the Twitter link above. I sell
only "all rights" (read below).
Remember, these are snapshots
taken for fun and relaxation,
NOT commercial work.



Ang mga larawan sa website na ito ay hindi ibinebenta

Изображения на этом сайте не продаются

Bilder auf dieser Website stehen nicht zum Verkauf

Les images sur ce site ne sont pas à vendre

Las imágenes de este sitio web no están a la
ventaLe immagini su questo sito non sono in vendita



이 웹사이트의 이미지는 판매용이 아닙니다.





ABOVE: Now look, ya little peckerwood. Bite one more tourist, just one, and it's TO THE JUNGLE for you!





ABOVE: It's Putin. AGAIN! He just wrestled six more Tigers!



ABOVE and BELOW: It took me two weeks to gain enough trust to get a picture.





ABOVE: Yes, yes, focus, I get it, I get it.




ABOVE: If the hose was long enough, you could go TO THE MOON!



ABOVE: The crazy is in the eyes. Watch for it.





ABOVE: Vintage, uh.....Vintage, uh.....






ABOVE: The mighty Mekong River, central Laos, taken from way too far away




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