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This was the view from my lunch hour window at Burger King in a crappy little country in SE Asia. The range was well beyond the capabilities of the camera and lens, but you can't carry 600mm and a tripod every time you go for a burger. Someday a cell phone will solve that problem, but in the meantime you do the best you can and suffer with marginal snapshots when nothing is planned. These are not suitable for ANYTHING except fun snaps from Burger King! The session was apparently a product shoot featuring a pretty girl as the sales gimmick. Yes, it works. You can sell rat poison with pretty girls. The photographer was, I think, Thai, and his assistant probably as well. "I" sure as hell wouldn't bring a dog to ANY shoot except a backyard picnic among friends but that's just me. I couldn't see what camera the guy had. It seemed to me he was on a very short lens, like maybe a 50mm or less, because he was awfully close. The model looks Russian. Weather and lighting sucked -- heavy overcast and spitting rain. I would have tried to postpone it unless the client specifically wanted that grayish look. Lightroom can do a lot but it's not a magical unicorn. The model has worked before but not in the big time. The big time girls seldom if ever want to see their raw snaps. They wait for the finished, polished product. This girl wanted to go through every set. Occasionally one will want to see if an experimental pose worked in a shot. But otherwise, it's pose, pose, pose, smile, frown, stick out the chest, show some thigh, arch the back, accentuate the hips, try to look sincere, got enough? Where's my money? In any case this was a nice show for me me eating my Angus Supreme or whatever it's called these days. This girl got photo-bombed more than her share in the 30 minutes I was there. I never figured out who the little creeper was, crawling around on the ground. Kind of looked like Gollum. There's one shot in here where the model notices my camera, far away, up on the street, for the first time. That's kind of a nice, un-posed expression -- tiniest hint of surprise in it. She glanced back a number of times to see if I was still there, wondering who I was, and if a guy with a much bigger camera might pay more than this guy with a little camera. Pretty enough girl although not a raving beauty. Often those are the best. She maximizes her look with confidence and a lot of practiced poses. She would be fun to shoot.


A product shoot on the beach -- no idea what the product was. I was having lunch. These pics are beyond the capability of camera and lens at extreme range


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