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And as we age, and life's light flickers and dims.....



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이 웹사이트의 이미지는 판매용이 아닙니다.


Rejected images


Cool and serene


One of the pods from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"


Low hanging fruit


On a nefarious mission


Uh, MAYDAY! MAYDAY! I'm pretty sure this ship is sinking! WHERE'S MY FRIKKIN' SURVIVAL SUIT!?


Oh this is not right. This is NOT right. Get me to shore. Get me to shore NOW!


I thought cactus only grew in the desert. What a stupid assumption


Something's not right. Really. I mean it. WTH!? WTH!?


Expelled, farted up from the very depths of Hell comes....comes.... HUH?


A tiki torch?


Well, it was entertaining, in a weird sort of way. The mud puddle was 5 meters diameter. All in all just a mud bath for everyone


Happy to have a long lens. There was some learning value in this, right?


Bell of the Ball


Not every ship goes down if skippered in a calm and orderly fashion


Bored with nature. God gave us imaginations for WHAT!?



He's at the end of his deceleration. His brain has calculated that even if the bungee breaks now, he can probably survive the ten foot drop into the water. So the expression has changed from one of abject horror to one of, "Oh! This is rather cool!"


Ah, Durian, food of the Gods. Unless you eat too much. And who wouldn't, right? Because it's excellent. Voice of experience: Two pounds (yes, two pounds) of Durian can PUT YOU IN THE ER. Voice of experience. Voice of experience. Voice of exper-----


Wish I could be a frog and live in there. Looks quiet


Some reedy kind of thing. Makes a nice portrait background


This kid and his snake eventually became quite annoying


Here, lemons and limes look pretty much the same to a pasty-white northerner, who thinks limes oughta be green, and lemons oughta be yellow. Go figure. I have to ask my girlfriend every time


No clue. Don't know. Don't care. I'm not a vegetable guy. Pretty colors though


Durian strikes again


And again


Flowers. Yawn


I forget


It's a law you have to have some vegetation on a photography site. So I did. Glad it's over


More? For God's sake more?!


Ok, no further comments until this vegetation crap is finished




Jebp means pain


Mai jebp


Jebp. The yellow ones are particularly poisonous




Like a SE Asian street girl by age 26. Can they be turned from that life? Not once they learn to like it, no





I can't identify this one. Ideas?




Rejected images




With MyMateNate!
n Jomtien, Chonburi, Thailand!
December, 2021




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