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Rejected images



Bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong. I've seen them go up 30 stories -- no idea what the limit is. Bamboo is cool man



Regular gas station in downtown central Saigon. The 2nd letter indicates the quality standard of the lubricant, starting with the letter A. The further the 2nd letter is from the letter A on the alphabet, the better the lubricant (SL is better than SA). Some lubricants meet standards for both gasoline and diesel engines and....JUST GIVE ME SOME GAS!




Next day. Rough night shift




I kept trying to find a look or style that worked for this shot. Nothing did


Take a walk on the Wild Side, bay-BE


Beachside food service. Don't bother. Seriously. Just step back and walk away. Seriously. I mean it. Please


Some girls in SE Asia who approached us with "an idea" at a sidewalk cafe. No comment beyond that












I bought way too many of these over the years and gave them to girls. Of course they just sold them, and that's fine, because the value of your lesson is directly commensurate to what you paid for it.


Thought he was dead. Kept waiting for the birds. Cigarette long, long burned out between his fingers. Eventually he got up. I've just now noticed the smoke hovering around his right arm. I have no clue what it's from because he hadn't moved in a very long time and the cigarette had been out for thirty minutes. Maybe it's the smoke from his searing flesh under the equatorial sun.


It's funny. You'll find many SE Asians to be the most careful, accommodating, respectful and polite people on earth. But you'll find MORE to be dangerous, stupid, rude crude assholes. Thailand, for instance, used to boast it was the second or third most deadly country in the world to drive in. Then some international researchers got involved and found that the Thai government were cooking the books for decades (Oh! Say it ain't so! The surprise is too much! Too much I say!). The truth was revealed: Thailand is the number one deadliest country in the world to drive in. India, to me, seemed worse, as did Cambodia and Vietnam. But no, Thailand wins First Place. This photo was taken in Thailand and you can watch this scenario, and much, must worse, play out a hundred times per day at any beach where there's traffic. Notice where the runabout's skipper's attention is directed. Notice the wake of the sailboard -- he was forced to turn away from a head-on collision with the boat while the boat plowed on, utterly unaware.




SE Asia is known for its raunch. There's no point in me telling you the stories. No one on earth would believe them. Absolutely no one. But if you want me to come to your New Year's Eve or Bachelor's party and give a talk, send me the ticket. I'll shock you right down to the floor and I won't even be warming up. Of course if it's a Bachelor's gig, the wedding won't happen, so.....



Horrible, terrible cell phone snapshot -- but the content is cute. A very, very shy Vietnamese waitress (Saigon) who took half an hour to take the order of a causasian. She had never seen one before and she simply couldn't find the nerve to present the menu and walk away. She tried again and again but ran away giggling. I tipped her a day's wages, which was about half the price of a cup of coffee in the US.


Part of the reinforced wall at Chiang Mai, part of the mote system, built to keep the ever-maurading Burmese out of the city. Only at this moment of posting this did I notice the man and woman down in the well. I didn't see them when I was there.




Rejected images




With MyMateNate!
n Jomtien, Chonburi, Thailand!
December, 2021




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