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The video file HERE is only 1080P and very down-sampled from 4k. Still, it's about 73 GIGABYTES. You'll need a strong connection to be able to stream it, and the duration is OVER SEVEN HOURS. This file is placed here because it's far too big to go on any social media site and we loathe, hate and detest all social media anyway. This file is merely a random collection of clips and a few photos taken in 2022 at the Burning Man event. Most are from iPhones or GoPros.


The website is nothing more than a collection of my photos from around the world, post retirement, and NOT for any commercial purpose. You may NOT share this file or link with ANYONE except "family and friends" and please don't post any link to either this page or this file, publicly. While we do understand Burning Man's point in wanting to protect the privacy of its partiers, we also recommend that if anyone wishes their behavior to remain anonymous and secret, they should refrain from cavorting in front of 80,000 people. That makes it sorta public, right?! In any case, this vid is what it is -- raw unedited, taken with crap equipment, in low light, with bad video technique, and arranged absolutely randomly.






And here's a smaller, more compressed version for phones



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The ANTI-Stock Photos Website!


NO images are for sale



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Photos on this website are
not for sale at this time
due to retirement. These are snapshots
taken for fun and relaxation,
NOT commercial work.



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