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XX SE ASIA (Philippines, Cambodia)


We will be hiring a few people for "spot" work within, probably, 30 days, as we will be in the Philippines during that period. These are not "real" jobs, they are one-time gigs. Some last only a few hours but some can last for days or weeks. None are full time or permanent. Below are the descriptions:


Dancing and Computer work:


Need one person for computer work, Windows 10 and three for dancing.


Here's what you will do:



You will sit at a laptop (ours, not yours) in our office and open one of our websites and "select-all text", then copy a large portion of text to the clipboard. Then you will open a master page on our local drive, and past this text onto that page, and make sure the page number matches the text number. Then you will save that page as a new file name, and then upload it to our server (by clicking a couple of buttons). Then you will change the existing link on our web page to point to this new page that you just uploaded, and save it. It's all done by clicking buttons, copy-and-paste. There is almost no typing, but you must be 104% ACCURATE. One mistake will screw up the entire system. 101% accurate. Be SURE you are pastingt the right text onto the right page and be SURE you are saving the right page with the correct filename. NO MISTAKES. None. Not one. This will be repeated about 200 times to finish the project. This will perhaps take a couple of days or a few days. This is in BGC, Uptown area, and pays 800p per day, for 8 hours. Pay is daily, in cash. Please be nearby BGC. To be considered you must convince us you can do the work by showing a knowledge of the procedures. There may be more work in the future.



We also need a lot of work done to a collection of photographs. You will sort through photos on our computer and choose ones that seem appealing. Then you will upload them to a commercial photo website. This could take a few weeks. This is in BGC, Uptown area, and pays 800p per day, for 8 hours. Pay is daily, in cash. There may be more work in the future.

If this seems confusing to you, then this is probably not for you.


DANCING-1: NOTICE -- This project below has been cancelled for BGC due to ongoing problems with guards in BGC who were trained to allow photography in BGC, but who have taken it upon themselves to rudely and sometimes violent stop photography in BGC, even for non-commercial purposes. This is an insane situation and is ongoing. BGC Admin has been notified of the problems again and again, especially by Filipino photography clubs, but BGC Admin cannot seem to reign in their guards. We are now wondering if they really try. In any case, BGC has now lost our business forever. We will scout a new location. Way to go, BGC!


Unfortunately, the above sign is a lie. Guards still routinely annoy and harass even tourist photogrpahers in BGC


LOCATION TO CHANGE: We need probably 3 people to dance in a park, all together, or separately (we haven't decided yet), for 90 minutes nonstop. This will be filmed and posted on a website and used for other purposes. You must sign a model release. This gig should be completed in a few hours on one day, but could possibly take the whole day. We can all decide together which day that will be, depending on when we will be in the Philippines. We will probably shoot it in a park in BGC, outdoors, but not guaranteed. You will listen to your choice of music on your headset or ear pods (you can all listen to different music or sync it to be the same, it probably won't matter to us). You must dance nonstop for full 90 minutes, no breaks. We need one continuous video of 90 minutes with no breaks. Only stop to wait for new songs. You can relax and have fun, but KEEP DANCING except for song changes. Here's an example of some work we did years ago (we don't need this gig to be so formal):

We need two females and one male for this one. YOU MUST DANCE WELL (weird is ok too), but you must dance in some way that is appealing or interesting. To be considered you must convince us you can do the work by providing a video clip (on your phone is fine) of your dance style. Both males and females must be attractive -- actually, let's strike that; we will consider any age, body type or style, if your look is "interesting" and your dance style is captivating.

If under 18 your must provide a certified letter from parent/guardian giving permission (we'll verify it) and we prefer your parent/guardian accompany you.

We REALLY) prefer over 18 but if you have some AMAZING dance steps we may consider you anyway.

Upper age is not particularly important as long as you can REALLY dance.

Dress is somewhat optional but must be in some way appealing (we will decide -- send us a pic or clip of what you want to wear, to be approved). You can show as little or as much skin as you want while staying legal. No total nudity at all. Want to wear a long formal dress? That's fine as long as it works for us. Yes, your friends are welcome to come and watch you.

Pay is daily, in cash, 1000p per day (probably only one day). Please be nearby BGC. There may be more work in the future. You should provide accurate contact details in case you are offered similar work by an agency or other content builder in the future.





We're looking for people willing to be interviewed via ZOOM or other suitable connection, preferably video, but possibly audio only. Subject matters are eclectic in the extreme, with subjects including but not limited to:


Alien abductees (convince the world it really happened and stand up to our obnoxious scrutiny)

Criminals of all types

Convicted murderers


Bank robbers



Common thieves

DUI offenders in cases of fatalities.

Animal abusers

Violent drunks

Bullies of all types


We want to understand what makes you tick and so does everyone else;

Maybe you do as well.

Don't give us your name.





Our contact point is ONLY through Twitter. That's a bit of a pain in the butt if you don't have Twitter, but we do this on purpose to weed out those who aren't serious and who will only ask dumb questions and waste our time (98.36%). Once we know you we will switch you to an easier connection like Whatsapp or Telegram or Facebook. But initially, this is it:


We will post this offer and other offers online, occasionally, at: