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Welcome to

Alien Hacienda™!!


What's THIS?!


Ok, this is our "NEW" Aliens page!

Why the HELL would we make a new aliens page?

We never planned on having ANY aliens page!

We started making alien podcasts for family and friends a decade ago. The recipients were told not to share those pods because they included a lot of private discussions of family business, etc. But of course they DID share those podcasts.

Once that sharing got out of hand, we had to stop it, so we chased around the Internet and deleted all the copies we could find, and buried all the originals, never to be seen again.

But we still enjoyed the heck out of making alien podcasts, so we changed up the format and started making audio-only pods, and those were fine, and after we'd made a few hundred, we started letting them go on the old RSS feed sites, in an effort to reduce the strain on our servers in the USA.

That was well and good for years, except that the RSS format, et al, started dying around globally 2015, and it doesn't look like it will ever recover.

Ok, we got it. People want video. Got it.

So we started making video podcasts, and that was well and fine also -- for a few years.

The trouble was, the strain on our servers became too much, both in terms of bandwidth and drive space. We maxed them out and began having unpleasant spats with our hosts.

Ok then. What to do? We had bashed the living Hell out of social media, especially YouTube, which we unaffectionately dubbed "Screw-Tube", and our reasons were many and valid and still are today. We hated YouTube. We still do. I think we always will. Mostly, we hate YouTube's limp-wristed, over-woke advertisers, but we hate YouTube also for cowering to them -- but of course, YouTube is a BUSINESS and it's all too easy for some of us to foget that. We now try harder to keep that in mind and act accordingly.

BUT -- where to host all these podcasts and their now-massive footprint?

The main reason we avoided YouTube all those years was due to their extreme, bizarre, nebulous, woke, censorship policies. They were, and are, truly Draconian. We didn't want to end up like so many, building an entire ecosystem around one or more social media type "services", only to have the whole rug jerked out from under us because we innocuously uttered SOME BANNED WORD ("the?") that went against the political agendas of said "services" and their anal-retentive advertisers. We didn't want to play that game.


It was a conundrum and we wrung our hands and languished over it, literally, for YEARS, all the while bad-mouthing poor YouTube. We still don't love 'em.

We could host all our content on YouTube and other systems, for free, as long as we were extremely, exceedingly careful about what we said. But the idea of that was so odious, we resisted it for years and years and years and just struggled with maxed out servers and angry hosts.

In the end, however, something had to give, and while we screamed into pillows for MONTHS before we made the move, we still made the move and began hosting our content on YouTube. Oh, the Horror.

Oh My God that hurt and still pains us today. We do NOT like being told what to say.

But here we are, eating the Blue Pill, AND IT RANKLES DEEPLY.

We've posted some of the old content on a separate channel on YouTube called TheyClaim (or you can go to as well). No new content will be posted to that channel, nor do we advertise it in any way. Think of it as "the mostly forgotten archives".

We now have numerous new YouTube channels, covering a variety of topics, but the "new" versions of all alien content will go to YouTube at the "AlienHacienda Channel", being developed now. This content will be "sanitized" to the degree we are able. TO THE DEGREE WE ARE ABLE!

This series or iteration of our alien podcasts starts from the beginning of our 9,400-report database.


Also try:

(Retire SE Asia dot com)




Aliens be comin' ta PROBE YA!
Because they're bored.
(and perverted)
Some have claws.
Some have hooves.
Some have pinchers.
Some have tentacles.
Some have, uh,"devices".
Some have long pointy stubs.
Some have vibrating cactus hands!
Some have wriggling worm fingers.
Some have steam-powered MACHINES!
Think hard about it. What's yer preference?

Because resistance know....futile


Once and for all,

Are aliens real?

These podcasts are about exploring

the possibility that creepy aliens

from other than Washington D.C. exist.

Simple as that (but not so simple).

The approach is no-nonsense (ok, ok, some

nonsense), but absolutely woo-woo-free.

We are not "easy believers"!

We cover as many reports as possible in

about an hour. Then we grade each report.






All content pending as of late September, 2023.™ #272












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