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This particular page is AKA:™



What's the history behind™?


We picked up that domain on a lark

decades ago. We had no idea what to do

with it; it just sounded clever. It

knocked around in a drawer, unused,

for years. And we finally let it lapse.


We noticed years later that someone had

picked it up and we wished them good luck.

They messed around with it for a few more

years, doing whatever with it, and they also

let it lapse.


Sometime later we saw that it

was available so, in a weak moment, we

picked it up again. And again it languished

with no purpose whatsoever. We let it expire



Then someone else bought it and did

whatever with it -- we see old links and

references to porn sites and whatnot,

using that domain. Eventually that new

owner let it expire YET AGAIN, and we eventually

picked it up YET AGAIN.


I think this process was actually repeated another

time too, and we bought it one last time and

it is serving the dubious purpose it's

tasked to at this time.


Now we'll just keep the damned thing forever.

We were clearly meant to have it, warts and all.




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