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How did this ever get started?



Ok. What in the hecking heck do we have here?

If it's on this website, you KNOW it's going to be weird.

This is the "Alien Chronicles" page. No, these aren't photos, even though this is a photography website.

I started researching "aliens" in 4th grade. Kind of young, eh? Yes.

I was sitting in the school library reading "The Blue Man", which was mildly entertaining, when my fourth grade teach came in and quietly slipped a folder of current magazines onto my table. They all featured stories about UFO sightings. He got my attention and with a sideways glance said, "I think you're going to want to be looking at this."

Huh? UFOs? What are those?

I read the first story and dismissed it as nonsense, but still wanted to read more. I ended up devouring all of the magazines and I spent the rest of the year thoroughly annoying the aged but patient librarian with requests for every damned alien or UFO story that had ever been printed in any magazine. By the end of fourth grade I was a believer -- a believer that it was all nonsense. It was fun to think about in a whimsical way, like unicorns are fun to think about in a whimsical way, but that was it.

Still, I couldn't come to terms with the fact that so, so, so many publications were writing about this topic. I wanted to know why. If it was all nonsense, why were people so interested? Sixty years later, having researched the subject continuously, I remained "intrigued but unconvinced".

Then I got serious.

The manner in which I got serious was that I began really studiously looking at the almost 4000 supposed accounts of supposed contacts with supposed aliens I had amassed. Lots of supposing there.

It started as friends and relatives, who knew I had invested half my waking hours for six decades studying this crap, wanted to know what I thought about this new case or that fresh tall tale in the media -- or even my "educated" opinions of weird things they themselves had experienced. Everyone wanted to know what I thought. Well, I thought it was all very interesting and I loved discussing it, but I had no advice or conclusions to offer. I loved discussing Star Trek episodes too, but it was nonsense. I took no leaps of faith in anything, not even religion, especially not religion. I was a tough, tough sell and I wasn't sold on aliens. I doubt any human on earth had ever done that much research and not been convinced. Factor in that I'd had a number of experiences as a kid in which an entire neighborhood was so panicked by lights in the night sky that women openly wept and locked themselves in their bedrooms, and the men of the hood ran around collecting guns. It was a serious situation. But I STILL WASN'T CONVINCED!

In any case I started discussing my collection of supposed reports of suppo--- And those friends and family were entranced. Some years ago I started making formal videos on the subject, all discussing this collection of reports going back hundreds and thousands of years and encompassing every dark and lighted corner of the globe. I called them the Alien Chronicles.

I made nearly 40 of those tapes, ranging from 1-2 hours each, in which I set up a screen recorder and on the left of the screen I had an "avatar of the day" (different every day). Maybe one day a rabbit, next day a wolf, next day a Cartoonish alien, next day a hot chick, and I used a voice changer to more or less match the characters.

On the right side of the screen I opened my text file collection of around 5000 pages in length -- various reports collected by me and by others -- and I used the cursor to follow through what I was reading into the mic, and to highlight interesting passages. The reports were horribly badly written and so I had to go back again and again to try to figure out what the original author was trying to say, or meant to convey, and it was sometimes impossible. But together with the viewers, watching the text scroll in real time, we muddled through as best we could, given that some of the reports were written down hundreds of years ago in God knows what language and then eventually translated to English, often badly.

The video/audio files were huge and cumbersome and I came to loathe the avatars and even more the altered stupid voices, and I realized that most people just want to lie back and relax, or drive a car or a truck, and listen without being annoyed by the requirement of reading a tiny phone screen and following along. So I've changed the format.

No more video at all, no more avatars, no more on-screen text. Just pure audio, like audio books, but not as nicely done as audio books because, after all, who the heck am I -- just some guy who likes to try to find logic in alien reports and who speaks only as well and as clearly as he is able. I'm not a pro. It takes training and practice to make really good audio books and I don't have the patience for either. These are related conversationally, flubs and all.

I've realized that since making the original tapes, my thoughts, opinions and assessments of a number of the reports has changed. Therefore, when I start the new batch, I'm starting from scratch, covering all the reports we covered originally, with a fresh outlook on so many.

The tapes are all copyright this domain,, 2022. Steal them and we sue. Seriously. No joke. Been there, done that. No prisoners. No second chances. I'm tired of my artwork being stolen, and I'm tried of my literary work being stolen, and I'll be triply tired of my audio tapes being stolen if indeed they are.

I. will. sue.

I've sued and won in every instance of stolen art and text and I'll sue for this as well. Enough is enough.

These are NOT professional recordings -- far from it. They're campfire discussions designed to be relaxed and fun.



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