3D Samples for Fun and Headaches!




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This is a page of 3D samples, just for fun.

These images weren't taken in hopes of creating any artful product -- they were merely to test the capabilities of a 3D camera.

Suffice it to say the results were disappointing.

3D never took off for several reasons.


1. They often don't turn out well and often for no readily discernible reason.

2. They give some people headaches.

3. They're often difficult to view properly.

4. You need those silly glasses and if you don't have them, the images look like complete garbage.

5. Colors are twisted and tweaked and never true.

6. Resolution is limited.

7. The cameras are stupidly expensive.

8. Processing is anything but automated, at least at the time these were taken.

9. Details are usually lost.

10. The effect wears thin very, very quickly.

11. You can't just share or send one to a friend and expect that they will be able to view it properly or at all.


3D is a PITA (pain in the as--)

Mostly, just say no to 3D.

But for the curious, we've snapped a bunch of different scenes so you can see how they turn out. That's pretty-much the only value these have -- as a learning experience.

Have a look. Have some fun. Get some aspirin.

That's about it for this page!


Try positioning the glasses in slightly different places around your eyes.

Try moving closer to or farther away from the image.

Try turning your head slightly, left or right, as you look.


Often when you hit that sweet spot the image will POP into some semblance of clarity and the 3D effect will become real, and maybe even stunning. Certain images will never look good no matter what you try.



See what we mean?






















































































































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